Staff / Contributors

Chris Pomeroy – “Palms” spends most of his days around the . His weekly blog “Gate Drop” is his baby, however Palms works with all levels of contributors to keep MXP Magazine running smooth.

Charles Stancer – Publisher
A picture is worth a thousand words. Never one to take the easy way out, Charles is constantly “innovating” on behalf of MXP. Whether on the golf course, baseball diamond, or at the race track, Charles is a fierce competitor who doesn’t let “rules” get in the way of winning. With his patented “surprise” gifts to his fellow office mates, he motivates the entire MXP crew to get out of the office and out to the races.


Krystyn Slack- Krystyn Slack was born and raised into a riding family, so her love for the sport of motocross runs very deep. In 2017, she traveled to all 17 rounds of the Monster Energy Supercross Series chasing her dream as a professional journalist.

James Lissimore – James Lissimore is the National shooter for MXP Magazine in 2013. James work can be found all over the world, with all publications and is on par with the best in the world.

Brian Koster – Brian Koster has been around motocross for many years. A former Pro, now a top vet racer, mountain bike enthusiast, TV host and all around good time Koster keeps things real with his collum in Mxp Magazine. Brian

Marc Travers – Marc Travers is the host and director of the CMRC Monster Energy Nationals. Marc is avid fisher and true love of the sport of motocross. Canadian motocross is better with Trapper in it.

Drew Robertson – Drew Robertson is the residential expert on training and nutrition. Drew is passionate about sports and is involved in all types of sports. Drew has shares his insight in his column in MXP Magazine.

Mike McGill – Mike McGill picked up the pen a few years back and has grown into one of the countries most respected writers. He is a good vet racer, and true fan of the sport that shines through in his writing.