Cycle North Closes National Program for 2014

Kourtney Lloyd, Race Team Manager, Cycle North Powersports

It is with great sadness that Cycle North is announcing a closure to our Pro Nationals program for 2014. I am personally filled with a sense of sadness in having to end my program. Cycle North has worked night and day to pursue this passion but for the 2014 season I just cant seem to make it work. I feel so proud to have been apart of such an incredible sport and hope to one day pursue the dream again. We will still be supporting the amateur riders that we have on our team al look forward to spending time with you all at the tracks around BC and at Walton!

Ross Johnson and Jeremy Medaglia are two of the most amazing riders on and off the track that I could have ever had the pleasure of working with. Ross, thank you for trusting me and coming on board with me. I couldnt imagine my season without you for Nationals or for Arenacross. I am so grateful to not only say that you rode for Cycle North but you became apart of our family. Jeremy, what can I say, I have never been so thankful for someone taking a chance on me the way you did and for that THANK YOU! You went from representing our country to riding for Cycle North and I am so proud to be able to say that you rode for me, for us. You two guys have the strongest values, morals, drive and work ethic and there is no doubt you will succeed in whatever you do. The 2013/2014 Arenacross season has been so awesome and with two rounds left I am happy and excited to spend some time with you guys before you move on to different adventures.

I want to thank all of the amazing people that helped us in 2013 Derek Farthing from Troy Lee Designs, Honda Canada, Colin, Brent and Britt Martin from Cougar Fuels, Ryan Lockhart, Atlas Braces, Enbridge Northern Gateway, Jeff Northrop @ FMF, Frenchie @ C4MX, Custom Decal, Des, Greg and Mike from Maverick Dist, Mike from Motovan, and last but definitely not least Jason from Parts Canada. Without all of your help and support I could not have been able to live out a dream of mine. I cannot thank you enough and I am so grateful that you all supported me, my shop and especially my team! Please support these guys so they can continue to support this amazing sport of motocross!

Good luck to everyone in 2014 and enjoy your season!

– Kourtney Lloyd, Cycle North Powersports