FXR Racing Presents Racing With Clason

Quebec City, man I had fun. I am enjoying the new atmosphere with the new team and people surrounding me, and I think a lot of people at the races can see that.  Now as it comes to the racing, I think everyone can see I am liking my new bike, even without riding at all between Montreal and Quebec.

Photo by James Lissimore

 The race track this weekend was pretty fun; the rhythm section had so much potential. We just needed a better berm for the set up to be able to do the triple into the section when the ruts come up. Everyone saw Georke do it once when it was fresh, but not being able to make up speed in a small berm and ruts makes it impossible to triple into a section. Otherwise, the ruts made the track challenging. The only thing I would have liked to see is the tough blocks in the S section in the back be moved closer to the berms so the race line didn’t become inside, inside. Things like that aren’t fun to watch or to ride.

Like I said before, everyone is commenting on how good I look on the Kawasaki; I am enjoying it. I feel good on it, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself because, in reality, I still have a lot I can improve on to be better. This weekend, I felt good from the get-go of first practice. My starts seemed a little improved, and my riding in my heat race was the best I have felt all year. Being able to run down Thompson felt great. In the main, I started just behind him, quickly making a pass, hoping I would ride just as well, but I just didn’t have the same flow. He was able to get back around and walk away from me. He is very talented in these types of conditions, so it was no surprise to see him able to catch Phil.  When it comes to passing, that track was great for passing, so many open corners where you can make it happen, so am I cool with Cole using his “sneaky” line to make that pass happen? Not even a little bit, because he was clearly better, so why always but yourself in a situation to be questioned like that.
Riding this week is a little difficult. I came back to Ohio to see some family since we have a weekend off, so I just have to keep going to the gym like I have been back home in Arizona. Next week though, I hope to head up to Ontario to ride the awesome supercross track built by the vision built tracks guys. I am still just getting comfy with the bike with the little amount of riding I have had on the bike, so just long days and a lot of easy laps are usually the call. Testing some parts and different clicker settings are always fun because it’s a stress-free time to do it and not feel like you have to go out and be perfect and setting track records while trying new things.

Photo by James Lissimore

As far as my off the bike training, I am doing a lot of base training, which basically means you do long hours of training at a lower intensity. This type of training is great for building strength and is your backbone for the entire season. It is also my favourite time of year. I just love being able to go out and put 10-12 hours a week in on the bicycle while mixing in the gym work and a little riding, but once Hamilton is over, I will finally get my Kawi back home in AZ, which is when the real work will begin. I can’t wait for Hamilton. The track was great last year and I heard from an inside source they have a special idea for the track this year so it should be great. See y’all at the races!