Team Canada Manager Kourtney Lloyd appoints Team Canada Riders for 2017 MXON & Team Canada Youth Ambassadors

Press Release: July,18,2017

With the highly anticipated announcement of Team Canada for the Motocross des Nations in Matterley Basin, UK October 1st 2017, I am happy to present to you Team Canada for the Motocross of Nations 2017:Tyler Medaglia, MX Open #30  Brookfield, Nova Scotia

Colton Facciotti, MXGP #28 Formerly of  Aldergrove, British Columbia now residing in Alymer, Ontario

Shawn Maffenbeier, MX2  #29  Swift Current , Saskatchewan

For 2017 We have introduced the Youth Ambassador Program. Two lucky racers, each from alternate coasts will have the opportunity to come and experience the MXON alongside the team. The Youth riders chosen have proven on and off the track to be role models in their age category. This program is designed for the up and comers in our sport to see the World Stage before having to race in front of it. Each year we will choose 2 different riders to experience the MXON. This year your Youth Ambassadors for Canada are:

Jacob Piccolo- Abbotsford, British Columbia

Jake Tricco- Collingwood, Ontario

” I am looking forward to representing Canada again as the Team Manager. We get the priv ilege of living in such a wonderful Country and I feel very honoured to say I am from Canada. I feel more prepared this year and I know the Team we have going will give it 110%. I hope to make each Fan, Sponsor and Rider Proud . Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams “

Kourtney Lloyd, Team Manager
Prince George, British Columbia