Purpose built for bLU cRU riders to dominate the motocross track

June 12, 2017 (Toronto, ON) – Yamaha launches out of the gate with the release of the new 2018 YZ450F. bLU cRU riders will now be able to start the best-selling 450 competition MX bike in Canada with push-button electric start. A newly developed chassis, head-turning style, and an all-new Power Tuner app to fine-tune engine settings right from your smartphone highlight the refined additions. Click here to learn more on our launch page.

The 449 cc reversed, rear slanting engine receives a newly designed intake port, new stronger and lighter piston, and high-lift cam profiles. The result is a higher compression ratio of 12.8:1 giving the rider a greater feeling of power and a more competitive edge. For 2018, the YZ450F gets the addition of a convenient, compact, electric start motor and a lightweight lithium battery.

To enhance handling and heighten performance on rougher terrain, the bilateral beam frame of the new 2018 YZ450F has been updated to include a straight-line fuel tank rail, re-positioned tension pipes, and newly positioned engine mounts. A lightweight, slimmer air cleaner box, combined with a new compact fuel tank and seat gives the rider greater freedom to move around while searching for optimal body positioning.

The front fork tubes on the 2018 YZ450F have increased in size to 25 mm and the mid-valve that provides damping in the mid-speed range has been changed to a leaf spring style. This change affects low- and mid-speed damping giving the bike excellent transitional damping performance.

The all-new Power Tuner app with expanded functions for the 2018 YZ450F not only makes it easy to modify the fuel maps directly from your smart phone, but also allows you to share settings with your team or friends. Communication with the machine is done wirelessly between the smartphone with the Power Tuner app and the Communication Control Unit that comes installed on all 2018 YZ450F. The easy-to-operate Power Tuner app was developed to work on both Apple and Android platforms and is available as a free download from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Along with Yamaha’s complete competition and off-road lineup, returning for 2018 are the YZ450FX and WR450F. Among all the high performance off-road benefits, these models provide an alternator with higher output than the YZ450F, allowing for increased battery capacity, temperature range capability, LED lighting and cold weather accessory fitment.

Whether you want to dominate the track, take a leisurely trail ride or get started as a bLU cRU rider for the first time, Yamaha has a full line of two and four-stroke off-road motorcycles to fuel your passion.

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