Monthly Archives: August 2014

Trip to Vegas/Sit in on Pulpmx Show – Proceeds to help Team Canada at the MXDN

We’re throwing up an eBay auction to help Team Canada at the MXDN and give you a bit of a holiday at the same time. All proceeds go to Team Canada and what we’re offering you is a trip for two to Vegas, two nights hotel and a rental car. Oh, and you’ll also be able to sit in on ...

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Marty Halmazna – SEA TO THE SKY – Canadian Off Road

Our very own Marty Halmazna is going to Red Bulls, Sea to the Sky! Marty helped us this past weekend training our up and coming off-road stars get better at riding, We are very excited to follow him at international events in the upcoming months! If you know anyone who can help support Marty represent Canada at Sea to the ...

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There’s a lot of pressure on young racers going into a Parts Canada Walton TransCan. They try to ignore it, but it’s hard with Canada’s best amateur racers on the line and everyone watching.

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