Daily Archives: 10/24/2018

Atlas Brace Tyke Series Brings 30+ New Racers to the Track

To end off 2018 AMO wanted to drop the gates for new faces with the dream of becoming a motocross racer. “Motocross is a family sport through and through,” shares Ryan Gauld “Team sports are great but learning about yourself and growing inside the Motocross world builds so much self-confidence that carries any of us into the real world like a ...

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Watch as Dean Wilson goes to the motocross track and prank some of the boys disguised as grandpa Earl!! www.DeanWilson15.com IG: @Deanwilson15 FB: @Deanwilson15 TW: @Deanwilson15 SC: @Deanwilson15mx Video /Edit by @chrismo54 Makeup Artist: Dan Gilbert @nefxdan www.necessaryevilfx.com

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MXP Magazine Presents- The Doug Hoover Story

Words by Mike McGill Photos by Bill Petro When you look back on the Canadian motocross scene in the 1980s, two names immediately jump out at you. The first one being, of course, Ross Pederson. Canada’s GOAT of motocross won a staggering amount of Championships and seldom ever lost. In fact, there were only a couple of riders to ever ...

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