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A Great Day- The 2023 WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven MX Team Photo Shoot

This time of the year is always an exciting one as currently, we’re just over two weeks until the gate drop on the opening round of the 2023 Triple Crown Series. Last week, we (the media) were invited to Gopher Dunes and the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing Team Intro, and this week the fine folks from Walton Raceway had us come over for a meet and greet with the new WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven MX Race Team. All of the team personnel were in attendance except for 250 rider Justin Bogle. He is currently still out in California, recovering from the injuries he suffered in a practice crash. This new Kawasaki team was formally known as the Huber Motorsports Team, but as of late last year, they began to move everything, including their race shop, to Walton Raceway. Obviously, there is a lot of history at Walton Raceway, and now having the official Canadian Kawasaki factory race team headquartered there, opens up yet another chapter in their storied history.

Photos by Brandon Rodwell

After arriving in Motocross Town and driving into the Walton Raceway gate, the excitement began to build as front and centre was the team’s race truck. Also sitting pretty was the new Walton Raceway pool, complete with a road garden and diving platform. Yes, when riders from across Canada arrive there later this summer for the Walton TransCan, there will be a few new things to see. However, the TransCan is still three months away, and right now, Walton Raceway is busy with its newest venture, as well as getting the facility ready for its first race event in two weeks.

Once inside the Walton Pro Shop, I was greeted by the friendly faces of Brett and Melody Lee. One of the things I’ve learned about these two over the years is that together they never shy away from a challenge or a new adventure. In this case, grabbing the reigns of the WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven MX Team represent both. After sitting around and enjoying some coffee and some bench racing with everyone, including Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc Head of Marketing Jacob Black, it was time for the team riders to get suited up for photos and for the most exciting part of the day….Riding! It’s also fun to head to Walton Raceway and see everyone there. Soon it will be time for the Walton TransCan and another week of the best riders in Canada gathering on the Lee Family Farm. It was a great day, and we’re grateful for the invite.

Tanner Ward: #84- 250 class

We all were shocked when we arrived as Tanner Ward’s bike had white numbers and black backgrounds. With Justin Bogle still a questions mark for the opening round of the Triple Crown Series in two weeks, the team ask Tanner if he’d be willing to drop down to the 250 class this summer. In talking to Tanner on Tuesday, he sounded excited and ready for the challenge. Tanner also feels like he has unfinished business in the 250 class as he was a title favourite in 2021 and wasn’t able to get the job done. The 250 class will be stacked this summer with fast riders, but I like the experience and work ethic that Tanner will bring to each round.

Jeremy Mckie: #20- 450 class

All we can say is watch out for Jeremy Mckie this summer in the 450 class. He’s confident and fit, and after getting passed over for a ride last fall by his former team, he’s coming into 2023 with a ton of motivation. Jeremy is also a big, strong kid, so handling a 450 will be no problem for him. Finally, Jeremy has a natural aggression to his personality, so when push comes to shove on the track this summer, there is no way he will back down. Having him in the 450 class and as a member of this new and exciting team is great for the sport and the Triple Crown Series.

Caleb Vankoughnett: #356- 85cc class

This could be a big year for the WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven MX Team’s youngest rider. Caleb is definitely trending upward with his riding and aggression. If he can have that one breakthrough ride in the early part of the season, then it should set him up great for the rest of his rookie adventure in the 85cc class. Either way, Caleb is a nice kid, and he fits nicely into the fold on Team Green.


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