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A Message From Brent Worrall

The Canadian Moto Show Says Farewell

Hello friends and race fans far and wide. This is Brent Worrall the host of Canada’s only ‘Live’ online Motocross talk radio program ‘The Canadian Moto Show. I wanted to take a minute or two to go over a few things and update you all on the current status of myself and of course the Canadian Moto Show. After regaining most of my cognitive abilities after my life changing spinal cord injury at Walton Raceway in 2011 which left me a T-3 complete paraplegic (No movement below my arms) The Canadian Moto Show was launched. At the time it was a little ominously overwhelming but it allowed me to focus solely on doing everything I could think of to make the sport I hold so dear, Motocross as well as it could possibly be. Living in a reality where I also knew that barring some sort of divine medical intervention that I would never walk again; I can not tell you how good it felt to see the Canadian Moto Show ‘grow the legs I could not’ The show platform along with my weekly involvement announcing on race days for Future West Moto gave me something I had never found before, true happiness. I am and will remain forever deeply indebted to many of you my friends for your parts in all of that as long as I live. I have always believed that we in life are only as good as the people around us and you my friends have all made me a winner.

Many of you have sacrificed hours of your time and have also gone into your pockets to team up to help pay for the Show. Here again I can not thank you all enough for your support and listenership as well as the sharing of social media posts. As 2016 wound down it was becoming paramount that all of the passion, dedication and countless hours needed to keep moving forward was taking a huge physical toll on my body. I will honestly admit that there were many things that needed to be taken care of medically long ago that I put off. After my wife Gisela (who I can not thank enough for her commitment and genuine love of seeing me in my happy place) came back from our extended vacation, I knew things would have to change or bad things would begin to happen. Even though I had not started to broadcast live show this season, my hands on involvement with race weekends and daily phone calls and texts with many of you remained the same. More importantly was the fact that somewhere along the line through this amazing life experience journey of the Canadian Moto Show, I continued to put the needs of it and others ahead of my own personal well being.

Without candy coating anything and cutting to the chase, I am now in a position with my health, where every ounce of my personal energy must go into my recovery. My bladder is failing and my body has grown a resistance to antibodies used to fend off constant infections. Also complicating the matter is that I was born with 2 Urethras and I will be having one surgically removed in early  August. After recovering from that, this Fall I will be treated with a radiation treatment for skin cancer that has split and spread and now covers most of my forehead and other parts of my face. I would be lying to you all if I said dealing with any of this was easy or did not sadden me. I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe that there is a God and he not only loves but has a purpose for each and everyone of us. I also realize that my body on this earthly journey is just a vessel to carry a message to those I have been fortunate enough and reach and connect with. I also have a 100% faith that the earth journey for each and every one of us is just the beginning of what will be eternal happiness for all.

I am by no means a special or unique individual but just a mere mortal with a Motocross problem. The problem being that there is not enough of me anymore to do and share the things about the sport that I love and believe in. I do take solace in knowing that I was fortunate to be a part of one of the biggest leaps our sport has taken in the last 5 years. Here again I can not thank you all enough for allowing me into your lives and personal spaces. As mentioned earlier without the unconditional love like no other, from my sole mate Gisela, none of this would be possible. Also my friend Lesley Reid and colleagues at Future West Moto, in my opinion you as a team have been one of the best breathes of fresh air our sport has ever seen in Canada, I thank you all my friends. Through all we have endured collectively, each and every one of you has earned the right to hold your head high proudly. To My friend Kevin Lefebvre, who allowed me to launch a Magazine in the name of the Canadian Moto Show, you are a true God Send my friend. I have always believed that the powers that be work through people and our reconnection after what seemed like an eternity is proof of that. I think I speak for the whole Motocross community when I say, we will miss you and your camera at the races my friend!

There are many people I could thank, but just like winning a Motocross Championship it takes a whole Army working together to manufacture success.  I would also like to thank my newest friends and recently inured Motocross brothers Derek Jezewsky and Sage Deverell for allowing to share some of my personal experiences with overcoming adversity. When you were both injured only 10- days apart I was personally devastated. For the first time since my injury I realized I was re-living most of what I went through in my nine month hospital stay. I never really had thought much about it up until that point but I now believe that my body and brain had deflected most of the mental and emotional trauma as a coping mechanism to re-create my life. Knowing what I know now and having the benefit of each and every post injury life life experiencer Moto has given me, I say with conviction I would not change a thing. I believe that my miracle if there is such a thing, is the fact that I now have more genuine appreciation for people and life than ever before. To me this is the greatest gift of all as many struggle a lifetime to achieve true happiness. I learned a long long time ago that the God of my understanding does not throw Lightning Bolts or orchestrate Lotto Wins!  I believe that he reveals to me on the daily what I need to see and how I need to see and handle it. I am looking very much forward to many more great life experiences with friends and family and hopefully a return to a race track somewhere sooner rather than later. For now though however, shortly after this is shared I will be unreachable and focussed on what my higher power is telling me to do and that is GET WELL

I love you all my friends and I sincerely thank each and everyone of you!


Brent ‘Airmail’ Worrall


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