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Chris Pomeroy- Editor in Chief

“Palms” as he’s known to everyone in the motocross industry, is the man that makes the MXP wheels turn on a daily basis. Chris generates and manages all of the content that appears both on our website as well as in the magazine. As a former pro racer, Chris still rides and his passion for this sport runs very deep.

Charles Stancer- Sales

A picture is worth a thousand words. Never one to take the easy way out, Charles is constantly “innovating” on behalf of MXP. Charles has been the driving force behind MXP Magazine for over twenty years and he’s excited to see what the future holds.


James Lissimore – James Lissimore has been the staff photographer for MXP Magazine since 2013. James’ work is second to none and his photos have been enjoyed by motocross fans around the world.

Andy White – Andy is a man that wears many hats in the motocross industry. A former top pro racer himself, Andy has managed race teams for OEM’s like Suzuki and KTM. These days Andy is the Motocross Brand Manager for FXR Racing and he’s been the main reason for their growth during the past two years. We are happy that Andy is part of our team and his entertaining stories can be seen in each issue of MXP Magazine.

Drew Robertson – Drew Robertson is our residential expert on training and nutrition. Drew is passionate about sports and is involved in all types of sports. Drew has shares his insight in his column in MXP Magazine.

Mike McGill – Mike began writing for MXP Magazine a few years ago and since then he’s grown into one of the countries most respected writers. Mike also rides and his true love of this sport shines through in everything he writes.

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