Atlas Presents MXP Chatter With Dylan Wright

Not only did GDR Fox Honda rider Dylan Wright have an eventful day at Round 5, he’s had quite the eventful 250 Pro/Am series thus far. During the first five rounds of the MXTour Series, Wright has now won two motos and two overalls, but because he’s also failed to finish in three motos, he’s currently not a factor in the race for this title. We say ‘currently’ because if he keeps riding like he did in front of his home Sand Del Lee crowd this past Saturday, and if he can get a little help from his competition, Dylan still may have a shot at this championship. To get Dylan’s thoughts on his incredible day, we caught up with him a few hours after his SDL podium celebration.

At Round 5, Dylan Wright was very determined to pull off the victory in front of his hometown fans. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: First off Dylan, congratulations on your big win today. That was quite a performance in both motos.

DW: Thanks Palms, it was a good day and it was really satisfying to win in front of my family and my hometown crowd.

I bet it was a great feeling to win here today. From the first time I saw you today prior to practice, I don’t think I’ve seen someone look that determined in a long time. Can you take us through what you were feeling today?

Obviously you always want to win at your home track, I think that’s just a given. Whenever you race close to home you just naturally try to give that little extra bit of effort. Sometimes you end putting too much pressure on yourself and trying too hard; I think the last time we raced here I did that. Even today in practice we were a little off with my bike set-up and I was struggling. For the second practice we changed a few things and my bike was much better. I even had a few crashes in practice so maybe it was good to go through that and get all of the jitters out.

I can’t remember another time in motocross when a rider who got blacked flag in one moto came back to win the overall. Can you take us through what happened at the start of Moto 1?

I’m not really sure, actually. I mean, I definitely didn’t jump the gate intentionally. I swear it flinched a little and when I saw it move I went. From there, I just kept going and I figured the officials would sort it all out. When I came around after the first lap I received the black flag and I was forced to stop and wait for ten riders to go by. With it being the opening lap it didn’t take very long and I was back in the race. From there, I just put my head down and charged as hard as I could.

You got into second and Joey Crown had a big lead, did you think you had a chance to catch him?

I didn’t know what was going to happen. I just kept going and was hoping he’d make a mistake or get caught up with lappers. I think with two laps to go I saw him and he was right there, I tried to pass him in the final corner but he held on for the win. I was happy with that moto and knew I was in a good position for the overall.

Then in Moto 2, there was a little less drama off the start but you still had to come from behind again.

Yeah, I didn’t get a great start in the second moto so I had some work to do, for sure. I made some passes and then got into second; by then Pettis had a big lead. I was able to close on him a little, but then I got into some lappers and lost ground. From that point I just tried to ride calm and just focus on the overall.

With him being so far behind in the 250 Pro/Am points, all Dylan wants to do is have fun and be the best guy in the remaining rounds. Photo by James Lissimore

I must admit, other than maybe a few exciting moments here and there, I thought you looked really smooth today. Did you feel smooth out there?

At times I felt smooth but overall I was really going for it! I hadn’t won a national here so I just really wanted to get it done today in front of everyone who has supported me throughout the years. I’m not sure if we had the right suspension set-up today. The track was different than it normally is so maybe that was what I felt. I don’t know, we’ll celebrate tonight and then get back to work on Monday. Obviously, next weekend is a big race for us and for the GDR Fox Honda Team. Another win there would be very special.

For sure, it would be really cool if you could win your hometown race one weekend and then your team’s home track race the next. Today was the first race back after a two week break. After your up and down first four rounds, did you do any soul searching while you were off?

I did a little bit of everything during the break. Actually, Derek (Schuster) and I had a big talk and I told him that in my mind I was resetting the points and going from there. So for the remainder of the 250 Pro/Am series I’m just going to try to be the best guy out there. Today I reached my goal and hopefully I can do it again next weekend. In reality, we’re in a big hole but if I can just go out and win races then you just never know what can happen.

That sounds like a good way to look at things for the rest of the series. Well, go and enjoy today’s win and we’ll see you at Gopher Dunes. With both you and your teammate winning today, it must feel a little extra special.

Yeah, it’s not every day that we both win and get to celebrate together. I’m pumped for Colton, he rode hard today. See you at Gopher Palms!

It’s always a little extra special to win in front of your hometown fans! Photo by James Lissimore