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Behind The Lens From Gopher Dunes Presented By Fox Racing Canada

Round 5 of the 2022 Triple Crown Series is now in the books and what a day it was at Gopher Dunes. From the moment the riders and teams arrived at Canada’s most famous sand track they were greeted with smiles as well as a facility that looked pristine. On the track, the riders were of course presented with the normal rough and challenging conditions that everyone has come to expect at Gopher Dunes. In the 250 class, it was once again New Zealand rider Josiah Natzke who took the win and climbed a few more steps up the points ladder. The Kiwi has been a great addition to the series and if he keeps winning motos like this he could find himself in the battle for the 250 championship by the final round. In the 450 class, Dylan Wright kept his perfect moto score alive with a dominating 1-1 performance. Dylan had a solid day but admitted after that he felt off and struggled on the rough Gopher Dunes track. All in all, it was a great day and now the Triple Crown Series moves east to Sand Del Lee for Round 6. As he’s been all series long James Lissimore was at Gopher Dunes and sent us these incredible photos.

The Gopher Dunes track looks so peaceful in the morning.
It was great to see fans back at the Triple Crown Series.
Dylan Wright and Tyler Medaglia had a good battle in moto 2 but it didn’t last long enough for the fans.
The 250 riders fight for position during the start.
Josiah Natzke appears to be the real deal as he’s now won 4 of the past 5 motos in the 250 class.
Dylan Wright was very focused heading into Round 5.
Dylan knows the Gopher Dunes track very well and here he grabs a little air time.
Just like last weekend at Walton Raceway, there three had another great second moto battle.
Tre Fierro had a great first moto in the 250 class but things didn’t well in Moto 2.
Derek Schuster and his Gopher Dunes crew had the track and the paddock looking great.
Mitchell Harrison had an off day at Round 5 but still held onto the points lead in the 250 class.
Wyatt Kerr was solid in both 250 motos and finished 7-9 for 9th OA.
Not known as a seasoned sand rider Tyler Gibbs soldiered through both 250 motos and finished in a strong 10th OA.
As he does each year Frank Schuster took a moment to wish all of the riders good luck before the start on their opening moto.
Kevin Tyler no doubt had mixed emotions on the day and has to be looking forward to Round 6.
Felix Lopez had a solid opening 450 moto but suffered mechanic problems in Moto 2.
Shawn Maffenbeier looked good on Sunday and grabbed the final spot on the 450 podium.
Jeremy McKie had a decent day going 16-10 for 11th OA.
With the pressure of his teams home race on his shoulders Ryder McNabb battled hard for second OA.
For a few laps in Moto 2 Medaglia and Wright had a spirted battle for the lead.
Liam O’Farrell was happy with his 6th OA but wasn’t happy with how he rode.
Not sure what was up with Jacob Piccolo on Sunday but he didn’t appear to have the jam that he normally does.
Sebastien Racine had a decent day at Round 5 going 8-8 for 8th OA.
It was perfect weather day at Gopher Dunes.
Cole Thompson tried racing a YZ125 but ran into gearbox problems and had to switch to the YZ250F for the motos.
Gopher Dunes had all the lines a rider could ever want on Sunday.
Racing a 450 for the first time at Gopher Dunes Tanner Ward rode well to finish up in 4th OA.
The Ironman Award for Round 5 went to Westen Wrozyna who went 10-9 with a broken collarbone.


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