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The 2022 Walton TransCan Champions List

Well, what an incredible week it was at the 30th Anniversary of the Walton TransCan. All week we had perfect weather and great track conditions for the best amateur riders in Canada to compete on. From the opening moto on Wednesday to the final moto on Saturday riders of all ages and skill levels gave it everything they had. We ...

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Day 1 At The 2022 Walton TransCan Presented By Fox Racing Canada

Awe yes! Tuesday at the Walton TransCan is always a unique day as it’s the only time that everyone on the property…Okay, almost everyone on the property is relaxed as once they park and unload it really is a time for peaceful reflection on your journey to the TransCan. Whether you travelled from across the country, the USA, or even ...

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The Friday 10 Presented By Thor MX

This week it was announced that Feld Motorsports and MXSports have teamed up to bring us the Supermotocross World Championship which will kick off in October of 2023. Other than a few issues that will no doubt be ironed out for next year, the 2022 ECAN last week in Deschambault was a big success with over 800 entries and great ...

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