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CREO SX Debrief: Slow, steady, consistent progress in Birmingham

At one point there were rumours circulating the races were cancelled in Birmingham. No permit to build the track. No dirt to deliver. Rain. An expo centre that couldn’t get tractors in.

Words: Jeff Crutcher | Lead Image: Jeff Kardas

As we all saw, the races weren’t cancelled. It’s mind blowing how many people in the face of less than ideal conditions throw their hands up and lose all hope. The rumours circulate and the gossip airs like stink on shit. I love it when people fold under pressure, because we don’t. Slow, steady, consistent progress.

We were supposed to be parked Thursday as per usual but there was a snafu getting lowboy trailers into the top half of the hall via the entrance ramp. Friday morning at 8:30 I was parked by the Feld paddock crew and in lightning fashion I put up our Bolt Pit and claimed the best looks in the hall – which set the tone for the guys that we were standing on business this weekend.

Saturday during track walk we quickly made the decision to pull the scoop pattern tires and replaced them with IMX25s, as the course was moist but not a mudder. Because the Feld crew had to remove tarps and drain excess water, free practice was cancelled and we went straight into timed qualifying.

All three guys were in group B, which looked amazing in their Evel Knievel themed Skillz gear and on patriotic Nextaff blue and white motorcycles.

After it was settled:
Jorgen P15
Tyler P34
Dawson P48

This was a fantastic showing and all three are on par with what we expected. Obviously we want Dawson in the show, but being under a second off is a manageable margin.

In the heats, JMT rocketed out of the gate and was next to Vialle, made a cut to tuck under and take the lead, but got bumped by Hymas. It was a daring move but if you read that again I just said my rider attempted to pass two time MX2 champion and made contact with factory Honda’s 250 star. God damn.

Gibby had a quiet night, and he delivered on his social goals and put the bike in the show. He’s doing what we asked him to and he’s improving every week by every metric. A little less time on the ground and more aggression in the first corner will put him in contention.

In the LCQ, JMT was flirting with qualifying position, and ended up coming home in 6th place. Recall last week’s email – the strategy was to move up seven positions from the previous LCQ. He’s holding trajectory. If he’s able to maintain, that puts him in straight away from the Heat or winning the LCQ. *This is our best finish in team history*

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