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Female Perspective With Katrine Ferguson Presented By Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada

This was the first year that all of us Ferguson Sisters raced the Thor WMX West Series, and we were very excited about it. The youngest of us girls, Téa (pronounced Taya), joined the national ranks this year; this gave Kyle Thompson from the Triple Crown Series one more name to mispronounce. You can thank my mom for insisting on unique French names for all of us.

Katrine Ferguson and her three sisters were happy to be all racing the Thor WMX West Series earlier this summer.

We started our 2023 season by hitting up the last race of Wild Rose’s Spring Series in Calgary. This gave us much needed time on a hard-packed track and a chance to race on one of the WMX Series tracks. With spring coming late to Manitoba this year, we were also lucky to get a few sessions with our trainer DJ Burney (Zhoda International Raceway), which has beautiful loamy soil. Téa was cleared to ride only days before we left, as she fractured a vertebra playing volleyball in March. 

Before we knew it, the first national round of 2023 was quickly upon us. The track was very different from what we were expecting or prepared for, but the four of us were eager to return to the intensity of national racing. Unfortunately, Edmonton delivered heartbreak to Ani (pronounced Ah-nee) as her brake line burst at the starting line of her first moto. She finished the West Coast Series three points out of the top ten, so this lost moto cost her greatly. Besides this mishap, the weekend went smoothly, with all of us finishing in the Top 15. From Edmonton, we drove to Kamloops for Rounds 2 and 3. 

Heading into Kamloops the Ferguson girls were fueled up and ready to go.

Whispering Pines was a track that we absolutely loved last year, so we came into Round 2 with great anticipation! Us prairie girls are amazed to be racing in such a stunning valley. We headed there early to squeeze in a practice day. I (Katrine pronounced Kat-‘re-in AKA Kitty) was devastated when we realized my bike had sucked sand and we needed to do a last-minute top end. One big change this year is that Mom and the four of us girls took on this trip by ourselves. In the past, we travelled with our Dad or Uncle, who acted as our mechanics. We usually do all of our own basic bike work, but changing a top end is out of our wheelhouse, not to mention that we didn’t have the parts. With the first day of WCAN motos fast approaching, the prospect of being unable to race was terrifying. I knocked on all of the big rig doors and pleaded my case. We were so thankful that Steve Simms and the Thor/GASGAS Team sold us the parts we needed. However, we still needed help getting the work done. Thankfully our large MX Family came through as Kaylie Kayer and Tyler Gibbs, who were both on the eve of their own races, did the work for us. What sweet relief to be able to line up for those races. 

Coming into the weekend, we were all super excited for the Thor WMX West Series doubleheader and the thought of racing a 20-minute moto. The long moto was something different, but I can say confidently that all the Ferguson Girls LOVED it!!! We left Kamloops just as happy as last year, with the final Ferguson girl wrapping up P13. 

Throughout the Thor WMX West Series the girls had a lot of support as they battled for Top 10 finishes.

After the previous week of seeing highs of 38C in Kamloops, the 8C and rain in Calgary was a shock to our systems. But it was still cool to be back in Calgary and racing on the scenic Wild Rose MX Track. The rain left the morning WMX races at Round 4 with a minty technical track. I will even go as far as to say that it was the best conditions I’ve ever ridden Calgary. Sadly, Téa and I went down in our first moto start when the rider in front of us slid out, and we ran into her. But, we picked ourselves up, charged hard, and managed to claw our way back up to a Top 10 in that moto. The second moto went much smoother with just a couple of tip-overs, but we all finished on a strong note. Calgary (courtesy of Surfin Berms) always has the best vibes for the WMX riders. 

We finished the series with me in 7th, Téa tied for 8th, Ani in 11th, and Ciel in 12th. Overall, it was a solid series for all of us, and we were all proud of our riding. Next up for us are races in the East. Ciel (pronounced See-Elle) is planning on racing the entire East Coast Series, which is very exciting. The rest of us will join her for the Deschambault ECAN and the Walton TransCan. 

Katrine was the top placing Ferguson sister in the Thor WMX West Series as she finished 7th OA.

With our family especially, it often takes a village to get us to the starting gates. Every moto requires four separate people to be with us. Thanks to everyone who helped and came to the line with us on race days. 

Thank you also to our amazing group of sponsors who are here for us all season. Heartbeat Hot Sauce (try my personal favourite, which is the Dill Pickle Serano), Fox Racing Canada, Husqvarna Canada, 100%, Capitol Motorsports, Chudds Powersports, Fusion Industries, Rynopower Canada, SBS Breaks, MotoSeat, DirtTricks, Good 1 Concepts, and Temple Metal Roofs. Finally, thank you to our parents who each weekend have to deal with four daughters who race. See you all at the races, and thanks to MXP Media for the opportunity to tell our story. 


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