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First Ride- All-New Triumph TF 250-X

As we age, we begin to realize a few important things. One is that our parents were right more than we thought they were. Second, life is made up of special moments, and it’s these moments that, at times, make us feel lucky just to be alive. I had one of those special moments on Monday when I traveled to Gatorback Cycle Park for a day of riding on the all-new Triumph TF 250-X. Now, when I say “all-new,” I mean all-new. This first-generation Triumph TF 250-X has been in the works for five years, and in that time, it has gone through countless hours of testing by some of the best riders in the business. In today’s world, a good first impression is more important than ever, and the Triumph crew knew this throughout the evolution of this new bike. They wanted to get it right, and after a few delays, the new TF 250-X is ready to go. After a long day of riding at Gatorback Cycle Park, here are a few takeaways from our first ride on the new Triumph TF 250-X.

The first thing we notice about the TF 250-X is how good its lines are. From front to back, this new bike looks great. It has clean lines; everything just appears to fit perfectly. The shape of the front fender is great, and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into this bike’s aesthetics. The Pro Taper bars have a comfortable bend, and the ODI Grips help to provide a solid control package. All you have to do is walk around this new, and you instantly want to throw a leg over it and ride it!

Even with updated models of bikes that have been around for years, whenever you’re riding it for the first time, you just never know how it’s going to be. This was in my mind when I pushed the start button for the first time on the TF 250-X, started it up, and headed out to the perfectly prepped Gatorback Cycle Park track. Right from the first moment on the track, I felt completely comfortable on the new Triumph. The bike feels light and balanced, and it made me confident to twist the throttle right away. Leading up to this Triumph TF 250-X media launch, I had heard that this new bike would feel like something between a KTM and a Yamaha 250F. As I rode my initial laps at Gatorback, these early rumours were proved true, as that is exactly what this bike feels like. It has the quick handling and power output of a KTM, with the balance and predictability of a YZ250F. The braking action is great as the TF-250 X is equipped with best-in-class Brembo brakes. The KYB suspension is as good as any forks and shock on the market. I’m not 160lbs, so if I were catering this bike to how I ride, I would go a little stiffer, especially with the front forks. However, the overall stock feel is really good. Another item I would consider changing is adding one tooth to the rear sprocket. This bike comes stock with a 48-tooth rear sprocket, so a 49T would give a little added boost out of tighter corners. Besides that, the TF 250-X is a great bike in its stock form. The power of this new model is strong overall. Although it doesn’t hit hard off the bottom, once you get into the higher RPMs the motor really comes alive. This appears to be the trend with most of the 250F models in 2024, as motors with torque are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

As I mentioned above, the Gatorback Cycle Park track started off in perfect condition, but as you would expect, as the day went on, it got rougher, and more and more ruts developed. This provided the test riders with ever-changing track conditions and allowed us to experience how the bike would react. With how balanced this new bike is, the track conditions didn’t affect it in any way. Whether the track was smooth and tilled up deep or rutted and rough, the new TF 250-X was stable and predictable. The Pirelli Tires provide ample traction under braking, cornering, and acceleration. As the day went on, I felt more and more confident. In between riding sessions, all of the media riders gathered under the hospitality tent to discuss track conditions and how the bike was feeling to everyone. It was interesting to hear that we all shared the same overall opinion on how both felt. We all had a great day of riding, and there was nothing on this new TF 250-X that I didn’t like. As I mentioned above, I’d make a few little changes to cater the bike exactly to my riding style, but overall, everything was great, and Triumph and its team of designers and test riders hit it out of the park with the all-new model. I want to say thank you to Triumph for having me out on this historic occasion. It was great to meet everyone, and also to ride with the likes of Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Stanton, and Ezra Lusk.


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