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I’ve shared before that I follow every MX series around the globe, but with last weekend off for SX, it felt strange. I did watch the Portugal round of MXGP but not as close as I usually do. From what could be argued as the best SX series, the best MXGP series, and then toss in our home series for both classes full of storylines, 2022 has hit a low spot for excitement at every gate drop.

The SX series is basically over now that Tomac has secured a two-race lead, and the pile of injuries in the series is as high as Will Smith must have been to slap Chris Rock like that. No Herlings, Cairoli, Fevre in MXGP has taken the air out of a series that was incredible last year. Our Canadian series is still two months away. By now, we usually would have had some rumours, gossip or silly season chatter coming from the industry that would have tickled our racing itch. But we’re coming up empty-handed. This is when you find out if you’re a true fan of the sport.

It’s amazing to see what Eli has done this year after the team switch. But with this success, it’s made the SX series rather dull as of late.

The grassroots side is about to kick off across the country, so at least the Amateur scene is heating up. The long winter can suck you down. The 2021 version of our sport globally was so exciting, and our level of excitement was/is so high for 2022, but the way it’s been going has been underwhelming as of late. Racing is highly unique to motocross. Yes, teams help, and sponsors support, but the sport is the purest intersection between man and machine. It’s nearly impossible to script or create what we saw in 2021 over and over again to elevate the growth of the sport to more eyes around the world. Of course, we all try to hope for the same magic, but it’s almost impossible.

Compared to motocross, the machine plays a bigger role in car racing or even street bike racing. This is also why it takes over your passion when you become a fan of motocross. Sometimes, it can make you quite crazy because of how deep your passion can run for it. I watched the Leafs game the other night, and they were up 5-1. The story of Auston Matthews looking to top the all-time list for most goals by a Leaf’s player is very cool since I grew up in the Rick Vaive era of the team. Anywho, I was watching the game, and suddenly it’s 5-2, then 5-3, then 5-4, 5-5, then 6-5 for Florida. Leafs would tie it, send it to overtime, and lose 7-6. I jumped up and yelled some serious hurtful words and obscenities at the screen. I was angered to the point that I lost my mind and yelled at the screen at players I had never met before. The game that I enjoy for fun these days. My passion for hockey took over, and I became a person nobody would enjoy being around. It’s wild to think sports can do that to a guy, but it does more often than you wish.

Now, motocross, for me anyway, runs way deeper on passion than hockey. I have been so mad at times in this sport that the thoughts rolling through my head would see me going away for a stint behind bars if made into reality. It’s crazy to see how crazy it makes us. Still, it’s also pretty F’ing awesome to see someone dedicated, focused, and devoted to the sport they love. Passion for a sport is just like a good woman/man. When you find one, you hang onto them and love them forever. At times they will drive you crazy, but in the end, it’s the love you have for them that carries you through. My passion for moto runs 40 years deep this year, and I don’t see it leaving anytime soon.

The season is coming fast.

I have had some good conversations lately with a few insiders in our industry, and they are very surprised that I haven’t raised prices for the AMO series I run in Ontario. With gas going up, food going up, and everything and anything costing more, they figured, why not raise the prices. There is no doubt that I run a  business, and I wish it to do well and make money. I did not go to school for business, nor did I try to learn it outside of actually being involved in it for this long. I do business with a  vision like I wish it to be seen by all of us. I will forever pound into the heads of families that no matter if your son or daughter makes a living or achieves a level of greatness in the sport, the amount of confidence, integrity, self-worth, strength, belief, and friends they harness during their days in the sport have more value for the rest of their life then you can imagine. We can all agree that stick and ball sports are becoming insane with politics and world theories on how things should be. Our sport is grounded and easily understood that it’s true for fun and family. I wish the business to be that way. All sports have expenses, and all sports have a risk. Its part of the passion I refer to that eases those challenging moments and enhances the good ones. When you come to an event that I’m involved in, no matter whether it is AMO, Triple Crown, TransCan,  etc. I want you to know that my vision for it is to be welcomed, simply to feel a part of it, and not just another “give me your money” sport. No matter who you are, there will always be a time when you might hate or lack respect for those taking risks on events or sports because it looks like they are getting rich or making money. It’s a natural thing. It’s ok to think that way. But hopefully, you see the “that’s the right way” when I’m doing this sport. There are some super shady greasy two-headed snake monsters in this sport – we live and learn every day. But it’s always your choice how to use it!!


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