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Fox Racing Canada Presents Behind The Lens: Pit Boards And Pit Signs

Unlike other sports like NASCAR and Formula 1 that use radios, in motocross/supercross, the only means of communication that crews have with their riders is through the use of pit boards. Writing pit board messages to riders has been around almost since the inception of this sport, the most famous being the short but clear message to Bob Hannah to “Let Brock Bye- 1 lap” in 1977. These days, riders are very particular about what they want written on their pit boards, and in most cases, the mechanics know what is expected before the gate drops. Some riders want inspirational messages, especially in the second half of each moto when they feel tired. Some riders only want simple messages like lap times and the interval between either the rider in front of them or behind them. Finally, in some cases, the rider and mechanic are so close off the track that they have certain inside jokes or phrases that get passed along during a long moto. If you even get a chance to go down near the mechanic’s area and read several of the pit board signs, it’s definitely entertaining! Anyway, for this week’s Fox Racing Behind The Lens, we thought looking at some of the pit board signs from this past summer would be interesting. As always, with these photos from the Triple Crown Series, photo credit goes to the awesome James Lissimore.

Even the top riders have to be reminded to stay focused.

When you’re this close to another rider it’s time to charge.

Tanner Ward gets told what time it is.

When another is this close you have to be strong.

Telling a rider to flow is must in the sport these days.

All the matters is that your rider knows what the pit sign means.

Mechanix Wear provides most of the teams with their pit boards.

Tyler Gibbs gets told to keep pushing!

Donk tells Maff his lap time as well as what he needs to work on.

Dylan Wright is such a charger that sometimes he needs to be told to be smooth.

With ten minutes to go Tanner Ward has a good pace going.

Daniel Elmore gets reminded to find some good lines.

We think Julien Benek is getting told that he’s 8 seconds behind Elmore.

Stay calm and focus ahead! Great advice from one of the best mechanics in the business.

One of the pit signs that every rider wants to see.

Jess Pettis gets told to stay smooth while on his way to a moto win in Calgary.

Maff had all the good lines figured out in Kamloops.

Sometimes this is great advice during an intense moto.

Kaven Benoit gets told how far ahead and how far behind he is.

It certainly wasn’t easy to stay loose on the Edmonton track.


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