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From The Mag To The Web: Painting Walton Raceway Green

The Team Green Riders Find Success at the 2021 Walton TransCan

By Chris Pomeroy

Photos by James Lissimore

For the past number of years, we’ve witnessed every Canadian OEM get behind the Walton TransCan and show their support. Whether it’s sponsoring a few of the TransCan awards, putting on special events throughout the week, or being there in person and having a large display in the paddock. This year Kawasaki Canada and the Thor/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team went above and beyond with a Team Green dinner on Friday evening as well technical support for all Team Green riders throughout the week. This support was very much appreciated and in return the Team Green riders represented the brand with some great results and absolute professionalism all week long. But don’t take it from us, here is how a few of the Kawasaki-supported riders fared at the 2021 Walton TransCan beginning with Dylan Rempel, who took home two TransCan Championships.

Dylan Rempel #138-

85cc 12-16 Champion

Supermini Champion

Schoolboy 1: 4th Overall

The 2021 Walton Trans-Can event was one for the record books for Canadian Kawasaki and Ontario-based Dylan Rempel. Dylan signed an Amateur contract with the Thor/Kawasaki/Pro Circuit Race Team to compete in both the 85cc class for ages 12-14 and Supermini classes. The program with Thor/Kawasaki/Pro Circuit put forth a huge effort to help bridge the gap from the Team Green Amateur programs that dealerships across Canada support to the professional race program managed by Thor/Kawasaki/Pro Circuit race team.

Dylan had amazing starts and speed all week long winning all six of his races in the 85cc and Supermini classes. This is a great accomplishment that has never been completed before and it was also the first double class title for a Kawasaki rider. Dylan showed that Canadian motocross has a bright future. Off-track, Dylan always had a long line of fans and fellow riders that followed him throughout the week. This fantastic week of riding was concluded with the Thor/Kawasaki/Pro Circuit Team Green dinner.

With a great 2021 season under his belt, he will head to Florida in November to compete at the Thor/Winter Olympics over the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend. The Thor/Kawasaki/Pro Circuit team is excited to announce that Dylan will again be back on the team in 2022 as he continues his progress towards the professional ranks and last week started ridding the KX250F machine.

Payton Morningstar #292:

250 Intermediate- 9th Overall

Open Intermediate- 5th Overall

Schoolboy 2- 4th Overall

This was my first experience at the Trans Can and I really had no expectations coming into the week. All week I just wanted to be inside the top five in every moto. My highlight of the week was finishing third in one moto and going up onto the podium. I had some good and some bad motos due to some crashes and a couple of bad starts had me always playing catch-up on the track.

At the beginning of the week, the weather wasn’t on our side, turning the track into a mud fest, but it was probably the most fun moto I had all week. I had some good battles in the mud and ended up grabbing a top five finish followed by a lot of clean up. The first moto of the week in 250 intermediate class went well. I got off to around a top 10 start and made some quick passes up to fourth place and that’s where I stayed for the rest of the moto. The track was by far the best it was all week in that moto!

The next two motos in 250 intermediate class weren’t that great. In moto 2 I ended up fifth and in moto 3 I had a crash on the third lap which put me way back and I couldn’t catch back up. I ended up ninth overall. Open intermediate went a lot better as my 5-8-6 moto scores got me a fifth-place finish overall! My starts weren’t too great in that class either with all the 450 bikes (I was racing a 250 machine), but we made it work and it was fun battling against the bigger bikes.

The Schoolboy 2 class was the most fun I had in racing all year! In the first moto, I had a great battle with Brennan Schofield, and we were going back and forth for the entire moto. I ended up making a good pass on him with a few laps to go and I finished third. It felt so good to get up on the podium with the boys! The next two motos were tough when the track got smoother and had fewer lines to pass, but I stayed consistent and finished fourth overall.

It was a super fun week hanging out with some friends and ripping around on golf carts after the racing was done. Overall, it was a good experience, and I met some cool people on and off the track. This season was first racing in Canada, and I have nothing but great things to say about it! We raced the AMO Series all summer and it was great. Soon I will be heading down south to start preparing for 2022. I’d like to send a big thanks out to McKee Sport and Garden for all of their support this year, as well as Chad Goodwin, Gerhart Huber, and everyone at the Thor/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team. They really helped me get through the week at Walton. I cannot wait for next year and to be able to head back to Walton Raceway.

Ayrton Pomeroy #26:

Supermini- 9th Overall

Schoolboy 1- 11th Overall

Well, my week at the 2021 Walton TransCan had a little bit of everything. Off track, I had fun hanging out with my moto buddies as well as eating fajita lunches with my family. My mom always keeps us well fed at the track. On the track, I was lucky to not have to go out for a mud moto as my races were either before the rain or well after. One of Schoolboy 1 motos was a little slippery and really rutted, but I ended having one of my best motos of the week. Sadly, during all three of my Supermini motos, the track was smooth and passing was hard. Before the TransCan I had done a lot of training on a rutted track at the Compound 138 Training Facility, so I was hoping for a more technical Walton track.

Overall, I was happy with how I rode all week as I passed a lot of riders in all six of my races. But I wished I could’ve found a way to get better starts as it seemed like in every moto I was having to come from behind. Anyway, it was fun to have to make so many passes, but it affected my overall results. My goal coming into the Walton TransCan was to finish on the podium in at least one moto during the week. The closest I came was a couple of seventh place moto finishes so I was a little bummed out at that. However, there’s always next year as I’ll be back in the Schoolboy 1 class, only this time on a 125cc bike.

When the racing was over for the week it was fun to sit back and watch the pros race on Sunday. It was also cool to watch my buddy Sebastien Racine go 9-9 in the 250 Pro class. Considering it was his first time racing the pro class at Walton Raceway it was a very good finish. I had a great week, and I couldn’t have done it without all the support of my sponsors, as well as the support during the week from Chad Goodwin and the Thor/Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki Team. They were there all week helping all of us Team Green riders and it was greatly appreciated. As I said, I cannot wait for next year when I will be back at the TransCan on a 125.

Wyatt Kerr #164:

250 Intermediate- 2nd Overall

Open Intermediate Champion

The Walton TransCan week was very good, we (my dad and I) had some great times and we also had to work through some challenges that week as well. I have raced and ridden Kawasaki bikes since I was in the 65cc class, so I know them very well. We intended to compete in the Intermediate classes for 2021 and then transition into the 250 pro classes at the week of Walton TransCan. However, because of Covid-19 restrictions, we were not able to race Loretta Lynn’s this year. We decided to race both the Intermediate class as well as the 250 Pro Series this summer.

Leading up to TransCan we had some great races in the amateur races and 250 Pro Series. One of the biggest challenges this year was parts and product availability. I had my bikes set up for the AMA “limited classes,” so both of my bikes were stock. We struggled to get performance parts and thanks to Gord at Inglis Cycle and Chad from Thor/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team we were able to get an exhaust and suspension mid-way through the season. The Team Green program and their involvement with the Kawasaki race team were much more supportive this year. It was great to have their support at the races this year. In fact, the Team Green guys in the U.S. also helped me out at the Texas Nationals this spring.

We were confident that we had everything prepared coming into the week of Walton. The guys from Thor Kawasaki Pro Circuit/Team Green were helping us out all through the season with parts, suspension set up, and race advice. I even got to ride and practice with pro team riders through the summer as their shop is five minutes from where I live. Coming into Walton I felt ready!

During the Intermediate classes, my results were solid with first and second place finishes. The first Open Intermediate race was deep sticky mud. I knew this was to my advantage riding a stock 250 against the 450’s and modified 250s. I was able to capitalize on the muddy conditions and I was very happy with my result as I took the win first in this moto.

I ran into some mechanical issues during the Schoolboy 2 motos but the guys from the Kawasaki team were right there to help me out. I swapped the motor from my practice bike, and the guys took on rebuilding the motor for us. We had some struggles getting parts for the motor rebuild and my dad drove to Inglis Cycle in London, McKee in Delhi, and the Kawasaki Dealer in Mitchel to get parts all before 10:30 a.m. on Friday. I am very thankful to everyone that came together to help me get the bike back racing. We also had a couple of issues with my practice motor, but we were able to keep it running to finish the week off. I am very thankful for everyone that helped us out the week of the TransCan. The crew from Thor/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team were incredible and the support from Team Green was a huge help.

Winning the Open Intermediate class and receiving the Total Devotion Award were the highlights of my week. Looking back, I have to say I am thankful to all the people that are there to help us out. We got through the week healthy, and it was cool having more fans come out to watch all the racing. We are a small team, and I am very thankful to our friends, family, riders, and the moto industry. It was a great week.

Devyn Smith #30:

250 Intermediate- 17th Overall

Open Intermediate- 9th Overall

I had an awesome time this summer racing all the nationals – it was a great experience! I had some ups and downs throughout the summer, especially during the second weekend of racing at Gopher Dunes. During qualifying, I made a mistake and ended up with a small tear in my left rotator cuff which held me back from racing the mains and was tough for me racing the next couple of rounds. Walton came around super fast and by then my shoulder was all healed up!

The day before racing Ryan Lockhart, Tanner Ward, and Ryder McNabb set up a track walk for all the B.C. racers, and it was cool to learn some neat lines they might be taking in the races that weekend. The first day was a mudder which worked out well for me since I have done a lot of racing in mud, and I probably got my best finishes of the week that day. I finished ninth overall in 250 intermediate and 17th overall in open intermediate after a bad crash in the last moto. I was super happy with my racing at the TransCan as it was my first racing in the Intermediate class. After the amateur week was done, it was the pro day which is what I was super excited for. I have always wanted to try lining up with the top pros at Walton to see what I can do!

The experience I had racing in the pro class over the summer at all tracks was awesome. Being behind the gates when they drop for a pro moto is so cool! I want to thank Kyle Beaton for all his help in giving me a training program for the summer and all my sponsors that help me out. I couldn’t do all of it without them, and I also want to thank my dad for taking me around Canada to race. I would also like to thank Jason Hughes and everyone at Canadian Kawasaki for their continued support since I was riding in the 65cc class, and Chad Goodwin from the Kawasaki team for their trackside support. It was also cool to meet and line up with other Team Green riders from across Canada.

Isabella Morgan #92:

Girls 9-16- 2nd Overall

Ladies- 6th Overall

Supermini- 21st Overall

Heading into the 2021 Walton TransCan I was honestly nervous as it is by far my biggest race of the season. This year I was racing in three classes and with the weather forecast calling for some rain during the week, I knew I’d have a couple of mud motos. As it turned out, I had one bad mud moto and one that was sort of muddy. The rest were okay, so I guess I got lucky.

The class I was really focused on was the Girls 9-16 class as I knew I could do well there. Thankfully, I was able to get good starts and stay out of trouble. I was happy with how I rode in this class, and I was excited to finish on the podium. When I was standing on the podium collecting my second-place trophy, I was proud of all of the hard work my family and I had put into the season. I spent a lot of time riding and training, and it was cool to see it all pay off.

I was also happy with how I rode in the Ladies and Supermini classes. In the Ladies class, I was racing against some talented girls who were riding bigger and more powerful bikes. I thought I held my own in that class and I was excited to finish up sixth overall. I also was able to beat some girls who raced all summer in the WMX class at the pro nationals, so I felt good about that. In the Supermini class, I thought I rode hard against the boys, but I was never able to get good starts in any of the three motos. That class is fast and it’s hard to come from behind if you don’t get a good start. Oh well, I had fun, and considering the class had a full gate of 40 riders, I was happy to finish 21st overall.

Overall, my week at Walton Raceway was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to head back there next year. I know now what to expect so I think I’ll be able to prepare even better in 2022. I would also like to thank my parents for their hard work and sacrifices, as well as McKee’s and Amsoil.

Nathan Snelgrove #158:

85cc 7-11- 8th Overall

Supermini- 23rd Overall

I was riding with Kenzie at HMX for a bit before Walton to do some training. We headed to Walton TransCan on Tuesday and pulled into a pretty good parking spot close to the track so I could watch the races easily. We signed up and spent the day having fun with friends and just running around. On Wednesday I did my practices and had my first Supermini moto. I ended up around 20th in that first moto. I am one of the younger kids in that class, so it wasn’t too bad. I also remember walking by the food trucks and me and my brother begging to get some fries. Don’t worry, we eventually got our fries!

The second day started with a bunch of rain. I was in the sixth moto of the day, and it was muddy. I went to go watch the classes before mine and the track did not look fun with all the mud. I remember watching the older 85 class and only seeing half the kids come by, I was scared. The starting line straight was very muddy and I knew I needed to get off the gate well. I got a pretty good start coming out around second on the hole-shot. I went around the track and was afraid to fall, because if I did then I knew I would have a hard time getting up. I came around the first lap in a three-way battle for first. Then we came around the next lap and all three of us got stuck in a pile-up. It took a while for me to get up from that, but I eventually got up and went down again. I got stuck again and couldn’t pick my bike up. I eventually did get it up about 10 minutes later. I ended up finishing around 20th in that moto. I think I would have finished close to the podium if I didn’t fall the second time.

I had a second Supermini moto later in the day when the track was in much better condition. I was running 15th in that moto until I had a crash in the corner. I got the wind knocked out of me, but I got back up and finished the race. The next day some of my family came to watch which was cool. I had an early morning moto when the track was smooth. On the first lap, I ran over someone’s bike in the whoop section and made quite a cool save. I didn’t ride my best in that race but ended up in fifth place. Later that day I had my final Supermini moto, but I don’t really remember how that went exactly. I think I finished around 20th again which wasn’t horrible. Overall, I ended up finishing eighth in the 85cc 7-11 classes. If it wasn’t for my opening moto result in that class, I might have been able to get on the podium. I had a great time all week at the Walton TransCan and I cannot wait to go back there in 2022.


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