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Future West Moto Presents Friday Flight with Brent Worrall

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Future West Moto just wrapped up its very successful CMRC South Series this past weekend at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC. Future West teamed up with the BCMA, the Quesnel Motocross Association and Vancouver Island MX. The series resumes its all-inclusive, three round provincial championship this weekend in Campbell River, BC. The series concludes at the Bear Creek track in Kelowna, BC on September 5th and 6th. The Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Series is locked and loaded and will kick off on October 2nd in Armstrong, BC. Future West Moto is still looking for partners to team up with for this high energy, high flying, family oriented series. More details of the varying sponsorship packages can be found by contacting Future West’s GM, Stu McQueen, at

Well friends I can only speak for myself when I say “what a ride 2015 has been” and some of the best racing is still yet to come. We in our homeland have just concluded the first Pro National of the year in La Belle Province as well as the ECAN at Deschambault. Yes, at all levels there has been some pretty amazing events take place around the globe in 2015 in the sport of Motocross and this race fan is proud to say a lot of it has happened North of the 49th parallel. It has been years since I have been to a race in Quebec. The last time I lined up there was at Ulverton, the circuit that still awaits Round 9 of the 2015 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals presented by Motovan. This past weekend’s ECAN saw some great competitive action in all classes, but unfortunately, due to my commitments to our Canadian Kawasaki Future West Moto South Series finale at Whispering Pines, I was only privy to bits and pieces of 411. I would like to congratulate all who hit their mark in the form of podiums, personal bests and just plain old lining up and having fun. I have mentioned it before and I truly believe looking back in the rear view mirror at these kind of events years down the road, it will be the memory of the experience that is remembered the most, not the actual race result. Maybe I am wrong or different, and I am sure many could argue both of those points. One thing, however, I do not get an argument about is the fact that Motocross is a sport that can reward and mold character like no other. This not only applies to the riders on the race track but includes the many in their extended Moto family support system off the track.

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One of the riders who I was able to follow the progress of is Vernon, BC’s Mitchell Bradbury. Mitchell has not even been racing Motocross a full two years. He stumbled onto the sport at the conclusion of 2013 at a Spinal Cord Injury fundraiser that we had that fall at the Kelwona race track. Mitchell has taken to the sport in a big way and is very gifted and naturally talented at many things. He rides for one of my Canadian Moto Show sponsors, Vernon Motorsports as well as Dream Easy Kitchens and Bedrooms. Okay, the latter is a family run business but they are also a sponsor of mine. In this sport where support is of the essence, it is imperative that we show those who have our backs the deserved appreciation and recognition. Vernon Motorsports is also the home shop of one of our top national prospects who currently sits inside the top 10 in the MX2 class, Prince George, BC’s Jess Pettis. This is relevant on Mitchell’s behalf as shorty before the season got underway Jess spent some time in Vernon giving one on one lessons to Mitch. I really like this idea of the one on one whether or not the rider’s family connections has experience or not. The fact that a rider is able to get some schooling and mentorship from someone that he looks up to and idolizes goes a long way. I know it is not feasible for everyone but I know in many instances I have seen some huge returns in a very short time.

Mitchell Bradbury won a WCAN title in Raymond this past July on a 65cc KTM out of the Vernon Motorsports shop, and just repeated the feat this past weekend at the ECAN in Deschambault. I am sure there are statistics on this somewhere but I am not sure exactly what the numbers are. First off, hats off to the Bradbury family that is currently parked at the Riverglade track for this weekend’s national action. They will finish up the road trip with an attempt at an Amateur National three-peat at this year’s Parts Canada Walton Trans Can. Wow, pretty cool stuff. I am personally looking forward to witnessing it or calling it firsthand. I have been in touch with the Trans Can crew that are anxiously anticipating a first ever ‘Live’ audio visual broadcast of Championship Saturday that will be hosted by myself and Chris Pomeroy of MXP Magazine. There are still a few spots available in some classes. If you have never experienced the Trans Can, the only question I have is, what are you waiting for?

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Vernon Motorsports ripper Jess Pettis had another great weekend in Deschambault where he equaled his season best 6th overall in the MX2 class. Jess, who had some troubles early last season, is approaching the portion of this series where he turned some heads last year and ran at or near the front of the pack. Jess did so again this weekend. I wish I could have seen the early battle in Moto 2 up front when he was bar to bar with series leader Royal Distributing KTM’s Kaven Benoit. I look very much forward to seeing Jess in that same spot or close to it as this series winds down. Good luck Jess and keep up the good work with yourself and Mitchell.

Speaking of the MX2 class, this past weekend was definitely not what two of the three remaining title contenders had hoped for. Kaven Benoit on the Royal Distributing KTM, however, did his hometown province faithful proud and is now one step closer to his 2015 goal of a title repeat. I am not sure what exactly happened but I am just going to chalk the weekend of FXR Canada’s Motorcycle’s Jimmy Decotis and GDR Honda Canada’s Jeremy Medaglia to some bad luck. Yes, I know what happened but I am going to do what they are both doing right now and that is focus on RD-8; after all we have six motos left and anything can happen.

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Following the progress of these races via the live timing while I was announcing the Future West Moto South Series was painful. Quite simply put, being a race fan you want to be everywhere and do not want to miss a thing. I will admit I was pumped to see our own Colton Facciotti will his GDR Honda Canada bike to a first moto victory this past weekend. Anyone who has seen the guys in this series race this year, or who has even followed the live timing for that matter, knows that these guys are on the gas. In the second moto, as my diligent lap scorers were trying to do their job, I shut my live mic off and bellowed a loud collective “Damn It” or something a little more colourful; who knows, does not matter. That was about when all four in the tower, my wife included, rotated their heads 180 degrees and gave me a perplexed look and said, “What?” My response was that Colton was leading Moto 2 and fell! Yes, that is what happened, but even though I am a race fan and it is no skin off of my back who wins or loses, over the years I have become a solid supporter of Colton Facciotti. He is a homebred son who has worked for everything he has, and when the bar is elevated Colton is up to the task and is always right there. This year is no different, right? Absolutely it is different. We have three added big fish that did not swim in the MX1 pond last year in the form of returning champions Brett Metcalfe, Matt Goerke and, even though he has yet to win a title, let’s throw Nanaimo winner Cole Thompson in there. If Rockstar OTSFF’s Matt Goerke continues his march to the title, he will have deserved it and will have my utmost respect for doing so. If Brett Metcalfe and his Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki connections can overcome their current 22 point deficit, then likewise. I don’t know if it’s just me being a homeboy, but has Colton not had to overcome more than his share this year? Just when he managed to put himself on the good end of the early season nagging hip injury, he had the Gopher Dunes setback. If you saw his wife Jocelyn’s Instagram pic you know what I am talking about. Colton now sits in third in the chase, and just like the two riders in front of him and the two riders that are a drift of Kaven Benoit in the MX2 chase, I know he will not give up. We are off to Riverglade this weekend friends, and if history is our guide this round will favour raw speed. Does anyone remember how long and hard Colton had to relentlessly charge to get around Josh Hill last year at Riverglade? I do. Should be a good one folks. With three rounds remaining your window of opportunity to experience this next level of National action is closing quickly.

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As I put the finishing touches on this, I am anxiously awaiting the ferry ride over to Vancouver Island to sit in my announcer’s chair for RD-2 of our provincial championship series. I am more so anticipating the final moto of the Schoolboy 1 class results from Loretta Lynn’s as our own Marco Canella is poised and in a position to do something that is by no means an easy task in the sport of Motocross. Heading into the final moto based on his 1-3 moto scores, Marco sits 5 points ahead of his nearest rival in the highly competitive Schoolboy 1 class, which has all riders on two-strokes. Marco won the first moto but I did not get to see it. I did watch Moto 2 from beginning to end, and I can tell you the last few laps where Marco went from 5th to 3rd may be the difference maker if he can pull of this great, amazing feat. The track is very gnarly this year. The moto I watched, Jason Weigandt and Tyler Bowers referred to the ruts as ‘ditches’ and ‘open culverts.’ Yes, they were nasty. I have watched many of the riders Marco is currently battling closely like Brock Papi and Mitchell Falk as they have all competed in many big events like the World Mini Grand Prix and the Monster Energy Cup. These guys are quite simply the best of the best in North America and I think it speaks well to how our current, deep crop of up and comers stacks up. Whatever the final moto result is for Marco and all the others who have made the trek to Loretta’s, your commitment, skill and determination is not only respected but appreciated by me and your country. Drive home safe and get rested up as our Parts Canada Walton Trans Can is approaching quickly. This year’s Trans Can promises to deliver more than ever as some last minute, high profile sponsors have been added, which include Arctic Cat and a chance for anyone in attendance with a valid driver’s license to test drive a brand new Toyota. Hope to see you all at the fabled Lee family farm for the true ‘Mardis Gras’ of Canadian Motocross, the Trans Can.
Let’s Go Racing friends. Until next Friday Flight, ‘Airmail’ out………………….

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