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FXR Racing Presents the Mid-Week Report With Andy White


All things leading up to the Toronto Supercross, things were pretty normal until Friday when the word got out that Martin Davalos was not coming up to Toronto due to personal reasons. Quick translation of “personal reasons” meant that his visa to get back in to the USA was not valid. He would be trapped in Toronto just like Dean Wilson was a few years ago. Can you imagine leading the east coast series and you can’t race? There were lots of forum keyboard warriors freaking out about how it sucks to come to Canada. Well guys, it’s not the Canadian border that is saying you can’t come in, it’s the US border. Then it was Pourcel’s turn to say he wouldn’t be able to come up either. Makes you wonder if they might have been using the same immigration lawyer.

Once the teams showed up and the lights were turned on, it was business as usual and everything was on point. The track was very technical with a ton of massive jumps. The lap times were down to 53 seconds a lap. That’s one fast race track. Practice went off without a hitch with all the same guys out in front again. This time Vicki Golden made the top 40 for the first time this year. I am sure her wrench, Scott “Donk” Donkersgoed was super pumped because this is his hometown event. At the top of the 450 practice was Trey Canard. I was kind of surprised Trey was able to find the speed to beat out the rest of the fast guys. I then remembered the series is starting to wind down and riders with one year left on their contract are starting to hang it out. It’s kind of like hockey players giving that extra little effort so they get noticed by the coach. The word on the street is Trey’s ride will be going to Ken Roczen and Trey would possibly move to Factory Kawasaki to take Hahn’s spot, but it’s way too early to speculate. We’ll have to wait for silly season.


Justin Bogle pulled a solid holeshot in the main event in Toronto and then crashed in front of the entire pack. Photo by Frank Hoppen

This is where things get messy so try and follow along on what went sideways during the 250 final. So there was a massive first turn pile up that left just about all the fast guys on the ground. Jeremy Martin and his teammate, Plessinger, Malcolm Stewart and his teammate, RJ Hampshire, and Tonus were all lying upside down in the first corner with a bunch of other riders. The only riders to really miss the pile were the Factory TLD KTM guys. All three TLD guys were way out in front when the rest of the riders started to get going. Two laps in, Frye was out front and Hill was slowly catching him. McElrath had to stop to change a flat tire, so that moved him to the back of the results. A few laps later RJ Hampshire had to stop due to a flat tire as well. Then Stewart stopped to fix a kill switch issue and just two short laps later stopped again. Okay, by now the only thing I knew was that Hill was out front and I think his teammate Frye was second. As the laps ticked off, the fast guys were coming through the pack. Once the race was over and the dust settled, Jeremy Martin somehow went from laying upside down in corner one to finishing 2nd for the night and is now the points leader. Jesse Wentland had a race of a lifetime. He was laying on the ground in corner two and somehow worked his way to 5th. Right behind him, after stopping twice in the pit area, was Stewart. It was a night Bowers should have scored major points but he must have hit the dirt three times in the final. Albertson crashed hard and broke his sternum and will be out for a few weeks. That was one crazy final, and if you have time, check out YouTube for yourself.


It was very unfortunate for Jeremy Martin that he crashed in the first turn on Saturday. However, it wasn’t too bad for the fans as he remounted and put on an incredible show. Photo by Frank Hoppen

Next was the 450 guys out on the track. Let’s hope all these guys make it around corner one with no problems. Just as the riders started to break for corner one, Chad Reed somehow lost control of his Yamaha and hit the turf, really hard. Chad laid on the dirt for a while until the medics were able to get him off the track. Out in front was Justin Boggle and pulling away until the “Boggle Boogle,” as they call it. Justin almost made it to the end of the rhythm section but threw it away and took out Jason Anderson and a few other riders in the process. This left the door wide open for Tomac, Ryan Dungey and Roczen to pull away. Not far behind them was the hungry Marvin Musquin on his factory KTM. Tomac moved to the front and looked like he was on the move. He had a ton of confidence from last week’s win in Daytona. Tomac led the pack for a few laps until Roczen made the pass and Dungey soon followed. Tomac fought back but the leaders started to pull away. Not long after, Marvin made the pass on Tomac for 3rd. Not sure what was up with Eli and his factory Kawasaki. As the leaders pulled away, Seely moved his Honda past Tomac and was on the move. Once the race was at the halfway point, things pretty well stayed the same until Dungey lost his front wheel in a turn and went down. This left the door wide open for Marvin to move up to 2nd. That’s how they basically finished the race. Chad Reed finally walked off the track and looks to be okay and said he will be in Detroit next weekend. That’s it for this week. See you at the races.


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