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Going to an outdoor National? Here are your packing tips!



I am going to a National motocross for the day……What do I pack?

We get asked this question a lot by new fans going to National motocross events for the first time.

Outdoor motocross is just that… outdoors. it is also a long day so you want to prepare. We feel that if you can camp out Saturday night or you are lucky enough to have Monday off work — camp out. It just makes it more relaxing and a complete race weekend. Motocross is cool and so are the people you meet there.

If this is a day trip, here is our best help.

We always recommend packing in your car some flip flops, a towel, some water, chairs and a cooler. Regardless if you are planning to carry them or leave them behind in the car, have those things packed. It is nice at the end of the day to have a sit down, change your shoes, enjoy a snack and drink before hopping in your car. Trust us on this one.

We also recommend you make your vehicle your home base for the day. National motocross packs a lot into one day. It is a long day if you plan to take in practice, the races and check out the rigs, at some point you will need to sit down. Many people pack a small table and BBQ off their tailgate throughout the day. If there is a knock on outdoor motocross there isn’t many shady sitting areas. Be prepared for that, have a seat between the action.

Check out how the Nascar folks do it.

Coolers, umbrellas, drinks, chairs and smiles.


If you are doing the bare minimum packing here is what we suggest to make the day go nicer. A backPack that includes: Hand Sanitizer. Snacks. Wet wipes. Sunscreen. Bottle of Water. Some cash. A black sharpie. Phone battery boost. Small Umbrella. Do not go with less and as we mentioned above pack your car with some chairs, and drinks for the end of the day.

Real Deal Packing. If you want to have a full race track experience. A small wagon or cart mover that includes: Hand Sanitizer. Snacks. wet wipes. Sunscreen. A black sharpie. Phone battery Boost. Small Umbrella an air horn (get loud), 1 large garbage bag works as a rain jacket, deals with things you never thought you would be dealing with, folding bag chairs, cooler with drinks and food and some cash. If you are really dialed you set up a nice area track side and hunker down.

Here is a great tip that we had passed on. Pack in your car a spray bottle with water and paper towels. Leave the water in a warm car — better yet in the window. At the end of the day you will have a warm water misty water to clean up with!! Thank us later for that one.

Another simple tip is used the great social media coverage. Moto scores, some schedules and insider news usually can be found on all the social media platforms. Follow @mxpmag twitter/Instagram for all your updates throughout the weekend. If you have lots of data on your phone or tablet, download the Ryde App and watch the races live! It will help you follow what is going on.

Most importantly enjoy your day!! This is the great outdoors, a little planning goes a long long ways. So pack up the chairs the coolers and get out there this season!


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