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Introducing The All New 2023 YZ450F- New Bike With Countless New Features

By Chris Pomeroy

Photos by Brad Nemeth

Lightweight, Connected, Slim, and Smooth.

These are Yamaha’s keywords for this new bike and after riding now for over ten hours I couldn’t agree with them more. As I spoke about yesterday in my Monday Gate Drop column, the 2023 YZ450F is pretty much new from the ground up. The engine only has four remaining parts from the 2022 model, the chassis is completely different, the rider triangle or cockpit has been changed, and the clutch and ECU have also been changed for 2023. If you’re a long-time Blu Cru fan or a rider looking for a new bike for 2023, I believe that you’re going to be very impressed with what Yamaha has accomplished with their new YZ450F. 

Off the track, this new bike looks completely different sitting on the stand as the seat/tank area is flatter and the front fender is brand new. The engine is not only lighter and more powerful, but visibly it looks smaller and thinner. On the track, the 2023 YZ450F feels exactly as advertised in all areas of the race track. In short, the new YZ450F feels completely different than previous models and if you were a fan of the older generation YZ450F then you’re most likely going to fall in love with the new model. Yesterday I spoke about some of the handling characteristics of the 2023 YZ450F as well as how the power delivery was on all parts of the track. However, today I want to go in-depth on this new bike and go over some of the important technical features of the 2023 YZ450F.

Engine: Stronger and longer pulling power

-Intake valves: increased from 37mm to 39mm for 2023

-Intake air volume: increased 9% at max valve lift

-Exhaust port: size increased and straighter outlet at head pipe connection for more efficient flow

-Exhaust header-new shape

-Piston crown: one-piece valve pockets, flatter shape for improved air-fuel mixture flow into the combustion chamber

-Cam chain: added barrel finishing to inner plates to reduce friction and improve durability at high RPM

-Tensioner: compression spring added to stabilize chain tension at high RPM

-ECU settings: revised for the new engine

  • Engine rev limit increased by 500RPM
  • Approximately 5% increased power output

Crankshaft: Lightweight

-outer diameter increased 6mm (117 to 123)

-Crank web: holes added to keep the same inertia and reduce weight (-25g)

-Connecting Rod: roller to plain bearing

-Big end pin size increased by 4mm

-Counter balancer: one-piece centralized single weight, reduced vibration, lighter weight (-115g)

Transmission: more compact tri-shaft layout

-Larger gear diameter and increased strength

-Tri-shaft layout: distance between the clutch shaft and drive increased by 7mm

-Clutch shaft: positioned higher to achieve more compact gearbox

-overall gear ratios remain the same

-Clutch width reduced by 12.7 mm

-Clutch basket: one-piece basket and primary gear machined from steel to reduce weight and wear

-Clutch hub: two-piece inner with internal damper for reduced weight

-Single disc spring: previous 6 coil springs now changed for smoother engagement

*Clutch is still cable but GYTR will sell a bolt-on ready Hydraulic Clutch for approximately $400

Crankcase: more compact

-Dry sump lubrication system: oil tank integrated into ignition cover and crankcase providing stable oil pressure to the big end bearing at high RPM

-Compact crankcase: allows downsizing of chassis cradle and reduced weight

Chassis: lighter and more nimble

-10 aluminum pieces

-Tank rail to head pipe joint: lowered 15mm

-Tension pipe: lowered 15mm at the down tube

-Increased rigidity: downtube, swingarm pivot and footpeg crossmember

Sub Frame

-Lower rails: reduced thickness 1.8 to 1.5 mm

-Battery tray repositioned

Front Forks and Rear Shock

-Internal valving changed to match the new chassis

-Tool-less compressor clickers on forks

Slim, Smooth New Body

-narrow body: airbox intake ducts removed

-Radiator shroud: 50mm more narrow

-Fuel tank: 6mm narrower

-Rider triangle increase in seat-to-footpeg distance

-Seat: 15mm flatter and 5mm taller

-Footpegs: 5mm down and 5mm back

-Front fender: more compact and lighter

-Front number plate: integrated with front fender and with brake line routed behind the number plate

-Front fork covers: increased to offer better protection to the inside of forks

Overall Weight: 5.3 lbs lighter than previous models (Dry Weight: 240 lbs)

Yamaha Power Tuner: New features for 2022

-Easier: Engine tuning

-New traction control

-Lap timer

-Engine and Suspension tuning guide

-Updated Launch control and handlebar switch

-Maintenance and race log feature

Available in traditional YZ blue as well as Monster Energy Yamaha Edition

Increase in available GYTR Parts: Hydraulic clutch, Rad braces, High Comp piston, Filters, Chain guide, Clutch, and Ignition covers (available in spring of 2023)

Continue bLU cRU support as well as a vast assortment of Yamalube products


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