Lost Chronicles 15

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Another race season is dwindling down and all Amateur and Pro Champions have been declared in organizations such as the CMRC, MMRS, and BCMA.  Now we look forward to the end of season rides which may have less pressure. The Parts Canada Transcan National in Walton was a huge success from my standpoint as a fan and representative of Canadian media.  Races went off every day in one of the thickest and most challenging courses in Canada.  Every day, every section was different and the riders were faced with adapting to a minefield of deep ruts.  Here are a few videos I was able to do for MXP Films that captures the good times at the weeklong Walton event.


Where’s Walton 1


Where’s Walton 2


It has been 2 months on the nose for my ankle break.  Mostly recovered now just having to rehab and build up some more strength is where I’m at.  Growing up riding dirt bikes, I have been able to avoid injury on some big crashes.  I mean, over the bars flying W   into a wall at RJ Motoports was really good…high speed cartwheels at Gopher Dunes and multiple “pitching” of the machine over large gaps were all pretty severe, and I remember being amazed that I would walk it off. I would say it was my conditioning that allowed me to roll out of crashes and being flexible. I know most racers are well diverse in their own training and I just always recommend a lot of cross training in other high intense activities. You can decide which ones are best and safest for you to remain in condition for Moto.  I chose wakeskating and thought it would not come any bigger injury-wise than what Motocross has brought on but I found out that just from a simple mishap on a routine air can go way bad.


Here are some recently found iphone photos of my crew from Walton.

Zack Deiana was in the zone from Day1 winning another Amateur Championship and earning the #29 in the Pro class for 2013.


Brad Nauditt is always smooth on and off the bike earning him multiple holeshot bonuses and the #16 for 2013


Marc Travers is all business and keeps cool putting together the TV coverage for the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals


Ryan Gauld getting fully sprayed down by Brent Thur. John Nelson would be all over this!


Brett and Allison doing a lot of stuff


Chris Dufficy was taking care of my ice program and Monster’s community rig