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Matrix Concepts Canada 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart

It’s always an exciting time when we welcome in a new year as it always provides us with new opportunities as well as a fresh start. Well, here we are in the early part of 2022 and we’re back with some more weekly questions for Ryan Lockhart. As you probably know, Ryan has been in the industry for over two decades and during that time he’s worn many hats. We believe it’s this experience as well as his fun-loving nature that makes his insight so valuable and so entertaining. So as we all guide our way through the first part of 2022 here is this week’s Matrix Concepts Canada 3 Q’s with Ryan Lockhart. 

Newf feels like Christian Craig could go undefeated in the 250SX West Series.

MXP: Hey Newf! I know everyone has been waiting to hear your take on the opening round of SX from Anaheim so let’s break it down. The first question has to do with the main event winners. What did you think of both Christian Craig and Ken Roczen on Saturday night?

I wouldn’t say it was the most exciting racing I have ever watched but it was still really good in my opinion. It’s always funny to think back to the weeks leading up to Anaheim trying to figure out who’s going to win and somehow it plays out to be very similar to how 2021 started.

Christian Craig is on another level than those guys and I think he will be in control of what happens in this championship. Mosiman is the only one close in speed but he always seems to have an issue. If Christian can keep his focus I really think he could go undefeated. Crazy I know but that’s just how good he is compared to his competition.

As for Kenny, it’s not a surprise as he always comes out firing early and is a great starter. Although it seemed like he was surprised since he had a tough December he still got the job done thanks to Sexton being Sexton. It’s not going to be an easy championship for Ken but his starts are what will give him a shot at this.

The Anaheim 1 track was challenging but that it how it should be at this level.

MXP: The Anaheim track took out a few of the top guys. Do you think it was the track, the dirt, or perhaps nerves? Also, you’ve lined up at Angel Stadium, what is your best memory from racing the Anaheim SX?

I think a combination of all of those things. The track was soft from all the rain leading up to Saturday. Also, it was a tough track with big whoops and of course, nerves came into play. I mean this was the first SX that at least looked to be normal again with fans and so I’m sure that added some pressure to the riders. I liked the track and it should be tough. These guys are professionals who have every tool given to them to be at the top of their game, they should be tested right away in the series.

Yes, I have a few times and there is no question that it does have a different feel to it compared to other races. There is a ton of history there and having that chance in 2006 and line up with RC, Stew, Reed, and McGrath on the same gate will always be a highlight. I think it was A2 or perhaps A3 that year where they did the throwback track to the 1986 Anaheim race. The track was garbage but was cool to get to ride it.

With how good he’s riding Newf sees a Top 10 finish coming soon for Cole Thompson.

MXP: Okay, Cole Thompson rode well all day and ended up 14th in the 250SX West main event. What did you think of Cole’s riding and do you think he can improve in the coming weeks?

Pretty solid day for Cole overall. He kind of did what I expected and answered last week by being smooth and consistent. He’s going to need some more speed to get into the Top 10 but he’s not too far off. He will be in A practice this week which I’m sure will help with getting a faster qualifying time, but it probably felt good for him to get that one out of the way. I think he’ll improve on his 14th this weekend, but I still think he’s another few races away from a Top 10.


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