Matrix Concepts Canada Presents 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart

We have reached the middle of June and right across the country summer is almost here. We have also reached that time in the week when we sit down with Ryan Lockhart to ask him some more questions about current topics in our sport. As you know, Ryan has been in this industry for over twenty years and during that time he’s been a rider, a mechanic, a riding coach, and most recently the Brand Manager over at Matrix Concepts Canada. Ryan knows a lot about a lot of things and he’s always a great guy to talk to. Here are this week’s 3 Q’s with Ryan Lockhart presented by Matrix Concepts Canada. 

Tyler Medaglia is back at it this weekend in Mt. Morris!

MXP: The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships resume this weekend at Mt. Morris. Tyler Medaglia will once again be lining up, this time though he will have his race bike. How do you see Tyler doing on Saturday?

RL: This is something to be excited about as Tyler is giving his fans what they want with his new schedule and outlook on racing. There is no question that his setup is going to be better and I think the Mt. Morris track will suit him better. With the ruts and elevation changes, I feel like Mt. Morris has a bit of a Walton Raceway feel to it. I haven’t looked at the weather but if it’s dry I go with 18-16 moto finishes, if it’s muddy I’ll go with 14-11 scores. Random I know but that’s just my feeling.

Gopher Dunes was the place to be in Ontario last weekend at the AMO race season got underway.

MXP: Last weekend at Gopher Dunes the opening round of the AMO OPC Series had over 800 entries. I don’t think Regional racing in Ontario has seen numbers like this for some time. You raced the Ontario Provincial Series quite a bit back in the mid-2000s. What do you remember about racing in Ontario back in those days?

It’s awesome to see the turnout and I’m sure it had a great feeling being part of it. I know I was jealous of not being there. There is no question with that many entries there are headaches and long days but regardless of what class you were riding it had to feel good to be on the line with that many competitors. I just hate committing to go to a race when there are only like 5-10 guys on the line. You just don’t get that same feeling of participating and competing regardless of the result. In the early 2000s at the Ontario Provincials, this is the feeling you would get. The pits were packed, the gates were full and the competition was deep. I like where moto is right now. It feels good to be involved in the industry.

Newf and his awesome family are heading east this summer!

MXP: The summer of 2021 is almost upon us. What are your plans for the next few months?

There is going to be a different program for my family and me this summer. Usually, I’m flying back and forth to work with the GDR guys which has worked in the past, but now with my son, Meston really showing an interest in racing it’s not fair to him that I’m gone all summer. So we are loading up the truck and trailer and I will hit the road next Friday and drive out to Ontario. Meston and I will be able to race the Amateur Open events as well as I can work for GDR. Randi and Bowen can have a change of scenery for the summer and will be able to reconnect with some old friends. We will get to do the ECAN and the TransCan of course and it will be nice having our stuff. This will also work well with Atlas Launching the new Vision as I can promote that at the races as well as visit dealers during the week that I don’t normally get to see. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of moving pieces to this trip but as a family, we are looking forward to something different.