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Matrix Concepts Canada Presents Pit Tour- WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven Team’s KX450F

For the WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven Team, this past summer was one that we’re sure they won’t forget. During all eight rounds of the 2023 Triple Crown Series, they battled hard and faced their share of adversity. However, when all was said and done, they made it through their first summer of racing, and when Tanner Ward stood on the podium at the final round at Walton Raceway, it didn’t just bring joy to the Kawasaki Team, but it made everyone in the paddock happy. For the final Matrix Concepts Canada Pit Tour of the summer, we look at Tanner’s KX450F. From front to back, this bike is pristine and features parts from companies like Pro Circuit, Dunlop, Renthal, Works Connection, and Kite Wheels, to name a few. Almost every part of Tanner’s KX450F is obtainable by the public, but what is difficult to match is the time and effort that goes into preparing this bike for each round of the Triple Crown Series. Regardless of size, every piece is gone over to ensure it’s ready to handle the rigors of national competition. Let’s now take a close look at Tanner Ward’s WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven Team’s KX450F.

For the final round of the 2023 Triple Crown Series, the WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven Team went with a very cool retro look for their bikes. As you can see, Tanner Ward’s KX450F looks stunning in the morning light of Walton Raceway.

All season long Tanner and his team have used Guts Custom Seat covers and foam for durability and grip.

Tanner’s bike looks very clean and as you can see nothing is left untouched. From the Lightspeed skid-plate guards to the massive Raptor footpegs, this bike was ready for the Walton Raceway ruts. Also, Matrix Concepts Canada provides the team with custom bike stands.

Pro Circuit handles the motor modifications for Tanner, while Hinson provides lightweight and durable clutch parts. During long national motos, a lot of heat is generated inside each engine so the parts need to be made to last. Also, the WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven Team used Maxima Oils and Lubricants.

Tanner Ward runs Dunlop Tires and the Pro Circuit Exhaust System is design to work with the engine modifications as well as the ECU.

The bright green Kite Wheels are our favourite part of Tanner’s bike. Also, notice that the team starts off each race with fresh brake pads and brake fluid in both the front and rear brake systems.

As we mentioned above, each WLTN/Kawasaki/Seven Team bikes must remain as cool as possible during the long and hot motos of the Triple Crown Series. One of the items that assist in keeping the engine running cool is this ultra-trick looking Pro Circuit Water Pump cover.

Normally Tanner Ward doesn’t run hand guards, but in the 450 class at Walton Raceway they’re pretty much a must. Also, notice that Tanner cuts his Renthal grips to change them from a half waffle pattern to a non waffle pattern. We know what you’re thinking. Why not just run a non-waffle design to start? Tanner prefers this process as it makes his grips thicker than a non-waffle pattern, but thinner than going with a standard half-waffle pattern. At Tanner’s level, things have to be just right.

Unlike a few of the top riders in the 450 class, Tanner doesn’t run his Works Connection Starting Device too far down. It appears to be located just far enough down the fork guard to ensure the front wheel remains locked down and low over the starting gate.

One more look at the #84 with its cool looking retro livery. As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, Tanner rode great at the final round and put this bike on the 450 class podium. This James Lissimore photo also gives us a better look at the custom Matrix Concepts Canada bike stand.


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