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I guess I’ll kick this off with a short explanation as to why I didn’t get a blog out last week. So here you go: My brain was full, I had zero ideas of what to write. I’m an adult and I can do whatever I want, and I didn’t want to write anything.

This week though, I’m full of material. After two solid years, I finally went on a trip taking me to A3 while mixing in a PulpMX Show this past Monday. I was filled like a baby diaper with excitement for this. I’ve played by the rules and followed the guidelines which have kept me close to home like so many of us. This trip was like being let out of Jail. Now, it didn’t come easy since I’m an idiot and planes break, but when I put a foot on the ground of Las Vegas, I felt so free. Like a falsely accused that has sat in a cell for two years, now finally a judge seeing the case and how wronged I was. F$%# me, it felt so good.

Love the feeling, as a racer and a fan!

Now, for anyone that knows me well or has been a fan of my writing since prior MXP days, into GuaranteedMX and now back: I’m full of passion for this sport. Sometimes so full it has gotten me in trouble with my columns or even put me in the doghouse with the wife because racing came before something in our relationship. Watching the best racers at their craft to me is truly beautiful. It takes my attention like the first time I fell in love. The first time I witnessed a birth. The first time I ate lobster with melted butter. Quite the contrast of things but being able to watch the races at the highest level makes me stop in time and just “jaw drop” the moment. I’m betting some doctor out there or a “theorist” builder could call me sick or say I have a problem. To me, those people are simple whack jobs and when you find something that makes you happy and fuels your passion: just send it towards it!!

The ups and downs of the sport help build the passion deep within us.

The 2022 Supercross series is building a very dramatic storyline. Crashes, takeout, surprises, huge whoops, positive COVID tests, etc. All of this is what a new fan calls, “entertainment.” A passionate fan like me calls it, “racing” (minus the covid BS). When you sign up or become one of the greats with a plan of racing at the professional level or any professional sport for that matter, it comes with moments of beauty, insanity, and struggle. In our world of MX and SX, the ones that can control the narrative of these usually stays or comes out on top. This is what you see at the moment with Anderson, Tomac, and Craig. That’s three names out of dozens that have managed the craziness that is the 2022 Monster Energy SX series. All others have crashed, DNF’d Bike Issues, failed the COVID test, etc.

E-Biking for the first time was undeniably enjoyable. I went E-Biking Steve, now you try a Baggie!!

Then there is Ken Roczen who just seems deflated and uninterested in being who we all “fan” over because of his skill and talent. The passion I share that I have makes me sad for a guy like him. I had never even sniffed what Roczen has done in this sport but I was good in my world of the Candian series. In 1998, I was just a guy that couldn’t find his way. I was at the gate but my head was at the bar are sniffing for tail after the moto. Minus the bar and the tail reference, it’s an eerie visual to me seeing how Kenny is on the track. I compared it to Rocky III where Mick died and Rocky just couldn’t find himself again to fight Clubber Lang. In a dramatic turn in the movie, it was Adrian that saved the day. In real life, I don’t see Ken’s wife Courtney being able to do this with a simple motivational speech. That’s just not realistic. But my 98’ season and Rocky III are what come to my mind when I watch Ken right now. In the season of mine, I refer to all I did was quit being a pussy and rode as I want it. Not like I was supposed to because I was a pro and sponsored. It’s such a strange situation and one that so many have opinions but nobody knows except Ken. The sport can be so insane and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

Back to my trip and the ending where I was able to sit in as a co-host on the biggest MX Podcast/Show in the world. The Pulpmx Show is super fun. I get along great with owner Steve Matthes and this marked my 6th or 7th time on the show. The atmosphere is perfect for me. Tell stories, chat heroes, talk shit, guzzle spiced rum, and entertain the listeners. I feel I do a good job. I’m good at that shit and have built a solid resume since 2002 doing it in all different ways. Confidence is a big part of that world and I have it. Steve treated me like gold for the five days we hung out. A couple of blogs back when I told the story of Stallybrass and I got the text message back from Steve sharing, “That was so lame. Too much sensitivity in there Gauldy.” Steve comes from that old guy club like my second dad John Nelson, or my real dad, Big Al. Showing sensitivity or sharing means you love the Care Bears, wear nail polish, and enjoy the show “The View.” Well, Steve, you’re a good dude, and the way you and your lovely wife Pookie treated me the past week was very nice. I do wish my wife was able to go because then someone else could see you as such a gracious host, but for now, It’s just my own opinion that you still have a ton of “Canadian hospitality” in you. You’re not an asshole unless dealing with the nice older gentleman who let us through the gate at A3. Not rolling down your window to greet him shows me you are still an old prick if you chose to. Lastly, you will love a baggie if you lose the “I’m out” on everything attitude. Open your mind a tad. It’s what you do as you get older, or you’re supposed to be that way!!

Thank you, Pookie so much for the Valentine gift. More Spiced during the show next time, please!!

That’s all I have this week. For those AMO customers that read this, we are making some announcements tomorrow. There is an event being changed and a new weekend schedule coming your way. Stay tuned to your inbox for this coming tomorrow and early next week.


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