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Matrix Concepts Canada Presents the Flood (drip) 2.0

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It’s hard to not make mistakes in anything you choose. It’s part of being human. It’s important to know when they happen and aim to be better, fix the error, or simply recognize it. I can’t even imagine how many mistakes I’ve made that put me where I am today. Money, woman, jobs, racing, family, I have a story in some capacity where I F-up and had to fix a mistake, big or small. The saying is, “Mistakes make you better because you learn from them,” or something along those lines. There is so much truth to that that you almost want to screw up to be better. The funny thing is, you don’t need to try to make a boo-boo; it will happen eventually.

I’ll give my two cents from our first Triple Crown race this past weekend in BC. To start, it must have felt great for everyone to be back racing in Bc for that outside of BC. The series did a masterful job “pulling off” a series for the last two seasons but back to normal is just so much better. The names that all thought would be up front were. There was no real drama when the gate dropped. It was a solid start to 2022 for the TV show, the on-site crew, the racers, the teams, and bets for all the turnout for fans. Our sport is in a good light right now, and I, for one, love that. It fires me up on so many levels to see what’s going on across our nation for racing. Big turnouts, a system for the future, happy families enjoying the tracks and the atmosphere it brings. It’s such a good feeling seeing what you love to grow. I’m betting a florist feels this way, but flowers are no dirt bikes cause that would be kind of lame. But you get my comparison, I hope. Regardless, moto is healthy and a great thing to be a part of. WCAN, ECAN, Future West, TransCan, AMO, The Wild Rose Super Series, and from what I see in the East and Quebec through Facebook friends, shit is off the hook across the country. As a kid, I grew up wanting to become a pro racer and make a career out of racing. The plan sort of worked out but now, as an adult in the position I’m in, I want to see the sport grow into what’s happening now. The tides are turning, and the correct people are getting the right positions within the industry to help us stay on our course. Believe the hype!!!

BC is simple the greatest backdrop for moto.

A tough track for round 1, with options, is always a solid combination.

I really missed this. I don’t like not being there.

This past weekend at my event, we had an incident where a mistake was made. It caused a bit of a scary scene, but in the end, all the parties involved were fine, and we can all move forward with some changes. Could this mistake have been handled before it happened? You’re damn right it could have. I tried to interfere as I saw the problem building, but I never interfered enough. But I should have because it was my event, insurance, and livelihood that could be affected by it all if something were to go wrong. But on the other side, the mistake that was made could have cost another person’s life, and that far outweighs the problems it could have caused for me. No matter what we do, we all risk making mistakes. Becoming a parent is scary. Raising kids properly, so they become good humans, respectful, and genuinely goo hearted is nothing short of a miracle these days. There is so much distraction and social pedestal/podium for kids that parental guidance because annoying to them. Then, as the parent, you’re again trying to do right. Still, your kid becomes frustrated and mad rather than understanding and supportive of your views that no doubt are right because, as the parent, you have been in that situation before. I am doing my best to ensure my kids don’t grow up to be little assholes with no respect or moral value for others. My Dad used to smack or beat my ass when I got out of line, and maybe that is right or wrong, but I’m who I am today because of that discipline. There are not enough fingers and toes on my body to count how many times I would love to just smash my kids with the discipline fist, but I don’t because in today’s world that’s ruled “wrong” or “not socially acceptable” blah blah. There is no perfect way to raise a child. You do your best with your values and morals as a parent. I’m no therapist or doctor or anybody that knows anything about anything. But, from what I see, at the races is a lot of fist/smack/cuff type discipline that is not happening, and it F$#%^ing scares me. Motocross is an absolutely beautiful sport for any age person to get involved. For kids, it builds confidence, self-awareness, and structure for life. Having fun is great and will last a moment. Discipline and respect will last a lifetime, and no doubt create a solid world for the future. Teach that parents, showcase that. This accident showed me that I will need to focus more on being a better dad by showing what’s right and wrong to my kids.

Matrix Concepts Canada is a proud supporter of all things motocross in Canada. With popular brands like Atlas Brace, Renthal, Strider, 100%, Mobius Braces, and Works Connection they have the bases covered for riders of all ages and skill levels. Visit for more information.


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