Meet Cycle North’s lead lady — Kourtney Lloyd

Kourtney Lloyd is the person behind Cycle North’s incredible Amateur support program. Located in beautiful Prince George, BC, Cycle North has the recreational market covered in everything from Watercraft to the ever expanding Side by Sides. For 2012, Cycle North is supporting 29 riders on their race team. These riders will compete not only in BC, but some will make their way East in August to the Parts Canada TransCan. We caught up with Kourtney to see what drives her to support Canadian Motocross in such a big way.


Kourtney Lloyd and Snow legend Levi Lavallee

CP: Good day Kourtney, how are things at Cycle North today?
KL: Things are great actually. Great weather and we are super busy here at the shop.

CP: Well, that is good news. I would be worried if you weren’t busy!
KL: Yes, me too. We are very fortunate out here in Prince George. We are able to serve a lot of different types of customers and people seem to be coming through the door. We obviously have motocross here and do very well with that, but we also have a lot of trails for off-road riding. We sell a lot of quads and side by sides, and there is great snowmobiling around here in the winter. We have a lot of lakes here so boats are popular. It is just a great area of the country to live in with so much to do.

CP: Sounds like you have all the bases covered there. How long has Cycle North been in business?
KL: My parents started over 25 years ago, first as a Bombardier dealership, then after a few years they took on Polaris and expanded to what it is now. My two brothers and I began working here after school when we were younger and from there we have slowly learned the business. I am currently the Parts Manager and the Race Team Manager. My parents are still involved but the idea is for my brothers and I to take over the business soon. Cycle North is doing very well right now. Last year was a great year for us and this year is looking good so far. As you said, we try and cover all of our bases.

CP: Is it true that you support almost 30 kids out of Cycle North. If so, that is amazing.
KL: Yes, we support 29 kids of all ages and abilities, and that is with Honda and Kawasaki. Like I said earlier, we have a lot of different aspects to Cycle North but we love the sport side of off-road, especially motocross here in BC.

CP: I know one of your riders, Landon Nelson, won the big prize last year with Kawasaki and their Team Green program, and of course we all saw young Jesse Pettis last year at the Parts Canada TransCan. He did very well and seemed like a great kid off the bike as well.
KL: Yes, Landon won the free motorcycle from Canadian Kawasaki. He had a great year last season and represented us very well. He is a good kid and he was deserving of the award from Kawasaki.

I am glad you guys enjoyed Jesse last year. He really is one of the nicest kids in Motocross. He has now moved on from us to pursue his pro career but his family is actually the reason I got into racing. His parents invited me to race a number of years ago and I was instantly hooked on motocross. I have watched Jesse ride since he was five. To watch him evolve as a racer and mature as a person has been a joy. Even though he has moved on from us, he still comes in the shop to say hi. His family and I remain really close so it is great to see him doing so well.

CP: It sounds as if you really enjoy all of this. I mean you support 29 kids, you must love it.
KL: I honestly do love it. To bring these kids onto our team and support them is great for everybody.  It helps us, it helps them and most importantly it helps the sport itself. We bring them on to our Cycle North Team, they get a lot of support and they feel special because they are part of a Team. We park together at races, we watch the races together; we are like one big Cycle North family. I think that is one of the things that is special about our program, we don’t just help them out at the shop, we travel to all of the BCMA races and provide support there as well.

Jess Pettis is just one of the speedsters to come out of Prince George based Cycle North

CP: It’s amazing what a little support will do for the confidence of a rider, regardless of their age. I remember when Iwas a struggling 80 rider a long time ago and Allan Jaggard from R&M Motosports gave me a discount on some gear. I was so happy, I thought I was a factory rider. What would a typical rider get in support from you?

KL: The first thing we do is sell them parts at cost plus 10%, Parts Canada gives them a racer discount of 50% off on any order of anything that is in their catalogue, each rider gets a free Ogio gear bag each year, a few pairs of Spy Goggles and tear-offs, a Lime Nine decal kit for their bike, Maverick Distributors hooks us up with heavy duty tubes, RMR does our suspension, we give each rider five hours of free labour at the shop, and last but certainly not least, Matrix Concepts gives our riders 20% off dealer. I think it is a good program for the riders. It helps to get them to the races and do their best.

CP: That is a very impressive list of support you have for your riders. It makes me want to move to Prince George when my son starts racing.
KL: We are very fortunate to have so many people helping us out and our riders are very appreciative. Oh, and we have a website that people can go and check out. There are rider profiles on there and a list of our sponsors. The web site is

CP: It sounds as though you have one of the best and biggest Amateur support programs in Canada. My next question is when are you going to come out East and attend the Parts Canada TransCan?
KL: Well, funny you should ask that because I am coming your way this summer and I am super excited about it. Each year when one of our riders comes back and tells me about what a great event it is, I always regret not going, so this year I am. The event represents Amateur Motocross in Canada and since we support the sport so much at the grass roots level I feel like it’s time that I go and see it for myself.

Cool!I think you are going to be amazed at the sheer size of the event. You are going to enjoy the entire week there. Hopefully some of your riders make it in and do well. I know there is a long list of BCMA riders that have done very well at the Western Amateur Nationals and Walton Grand National Championships.

KL: It would be great to see some of my riders be successful out there. I just look forward to having some fun, meeting new people and enjoying myself. I think it’s going to be a great summer for Cycle North.

CP: Well, best of luck with everything and congratulations on your dealership and the incredible support program you have put together. Also, thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
KL: No problem, thanks for calling. We work very hard out here. We have some great racing here with the BCMA and it’s nice to know it’s it being noticed with an interview like this. I cannot wait to meet the MXP team at Kamloops National and everyone in August at the Parts Canada TransCan.

Kourtney Lloyd and a few of the many riders Cycle North Supports