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Mid Week Report With Andy White

Once again the racing just keeps getting better and better as we head east. The Ottawa (Sand Del Lee) National was another great weekend of racing and both classes had great battles from start to finish. The weather was extremely hot and humid with threatening thundershowers in the area. There wasn’t much of a breeze so you knew it was going to be tough day for the riders. The track itself is made up of mostly sand and some clay in the wooded area. The starting line straight is pretty short with a 180 degree turn to the left and there’s a few picks on the gate that offer a sweet spot for the holeshot. The track is made up of lots of man-made jumps and berms but not the easiest track to pass on is what most riders will tell you. Paddle tires are mainly the tire of choice for practice but then depending on the track conditions some riders will use a regular soft compound tire for the clay areas of the track.

Ross Pederson would have said screw it and ran a paddle

In all motorsports the choice of tires is very important. For SDL, almost all of the riders went with the paddle tire.

The lites class was kind of predictable because we all knew who would be the front runners in the sand. Kaven Benoit set the pace in practice with some impressive times. Jimmy Decotis and local hero Jeremy Medaglia were not too far off the pace. Both holeshots and moto wins went to Kaven on his KTM 250SX two stroke. He basically checked out once the gate dropped and never looked back. Kaven and his team have his 250SX working really well in the sand. Shawn Maffenbeier had his best race of the year going 4-2 for a 2nd overall. Shawn is injury free and looking solid on his OTSFF Yamaha. Jeremy Medaglia on his Honda, challenged Benoit most of the first moto but didn’t really get close enough to make a pass. Jeremy commented that once they got into lappers it was really difficult to keep up with Kaven. “My number plate was plastered with roost from Benoit. The lappers have a hard time figuring out who is who out there.” Moto 2, Jeremy started back in the pack and charged really hard the first couple of laps and made it to 4th. This gave him a 3rd overall for the day. Canada’s Motorcycles/FXR/Yamaha rider Dylan Wright had a pretty good weekend. The first moto he had a good start and was able to finish a solid 3rd. The second moto start wasn’t so good, “I used up a lot of tear offs in the race”, Dylan said. It wasn’t easy to make passes as the main line was the fastest way around the track and that’s where the lappers were as well. Not a bad weekend for the local kid, going 3-7 for a 4th overall. Rounding out 5th overall by going 12-3 was Jimmy Decotis. This is not what  Jimmy was hoping for, crashing in the first turn in Moto one don’t help your chances of winning. He was able to salvage a 12th after starting dead last and passing 28 other riders. Moto 2 started of way better for the Boston native. Jimmy came around the first corner in 4th and was able to move up behind Shawn Maffenbeier to finish a solid 3rd. The lites class is stacked this year with such talent as, Blake Savage, Liam O’Farrell, Cole Martinez, Shawn Rife, Morgan Burger, Jeff Pettis, Brad Nauditt and Seth Rarick to name a few.

2015 CMRC Motocross NationalsSand Del Lee MXRichmond, OntarioJuly 19, 2015

For the second week in a row Kaven Benoit dominated the MX2 class. photo by James Lissimore

Let’s look at the 450 class. We know that Sand Del Lee is made up of lots of sand and berms, that translates into a Matt Georke, Brett Metcalfe, Colton Facciotti, Cole Thompson, Tyler Medaglia kind of track. Any one of these riders could win today. The overall went to a hard charging (“I need to get some moto wins” Brett Metcalfe) on his Monster Kawasaki by going 3-1 for the day. Moto one was tough one for Brett, Tyler Medaglia was able to hold him back most of the moto and by the time he got past, Colton and Matt were gone. Moto 2 went way better with a solid start behind the Canadian Champ Colton. It didn’t take long for Metty to reel in Colton and make the pass for the lead. Sand specialist Matt Georke rode really well by going 2-2 for the day. Matt was probably the fastest rider on the track but just didn’t get the starts he was hoping for. Colton Facciotti had one of his best days in moto 1, with a killer holeshot to a massive lead. This was the Colton we all know. Moto two started the same way with a great holeshot. This time Colt couldn’t pull away from the group. Metty and Thompson were able to see his lines and stay with him. I’m not sure if it was lappers or if Colton’s injuries kept him from winning the second moto. All I know is when Colton is injury free, watch out guys. Forth overall with 5-3 was Cole Thompson. I think this was one of Cole’s best races this year. No, he didn’t win the overall or a moto but he was able to stay right with the leaders in both motos. I can see Cole getting stronger as the series moves east. Finishing 5th with a 4-5 was Tyler Medaglia on his Husky 450. Tyler is an animal out there. I wish he had just a little more speed in him, that would translate in to wins. Again in this class there is a ton of talent just outside the top 5, Teddy Maier, Bobby Kiniry, Kyle Keast, Kyle Regal, Dylan Schmoke, Cade Clason and many more.

sdl metty

Brett Metcalfe had to work extremely hard and get very dirty to win the overall in SDL. photo by James Lissimore

I would like to give a shout out to a few riders, Kyle Keast looked like the old Keast. Keep it up Kyle you looked solid, get some starts and you will be top 10 all year long. How about Kyle Swanson, 9th overall for the day on a borrowed Suzuki 450. With that kind of result he now gets to fill in for a injured Jake Streichert. Let’s not forget John Dowd, 10th overall for the day. I bet John had a smile from ear to ear as he was motoring in the top 10. It’s great to see the guys like John up in Canada. Let’s hope Mike Treadwell will make it up to one soon. 


It’s finally time for this series to make it’s way to Quebec for round 7. This was scene at the podium last year in Deschambault. photo by James Lissimore


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