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Mike McGill’s Humongous Las Vegas SX Photo Report


The Legends of Motocross booth was there with some really cool, old motocross bikes on display. I personally really love looking at these older machines.


Mugen powered Hondas were all the rage and very sought after by racers in the ‘70s. Now they are extremely collectible and very rare. There are actually a lot of fakes out there but I was assured that this was the real thing.


Jake Weimer was back racing in Vegas after missing most of the Supercross season with an injury. Check out the scooters in the background.


The Geico CRF 450s were the best looking bikes in the pits, in my opinion. Eli Tomac crashed the #3 machine in practice and didn’t race the night show.


The factory Hondas always look very clean, sharp and professional. Trey Canard’s bike receives some attention here from the Honda techs.


The RCH Racing Suzukis were pretty sweet looking machines as well. The RCH team had two semis in the pits: the party rig at the front and the business hauler in the rear. Kind of like a reverse mullet.


Weston Peick’s Suzuki was all chromed out and looking pretty trick as well. Not sure if this was just a Vegas thing or that’s what it always looks like. It almost seemed a little flashy for Weston. Weston had a really professional set up for a privateer. He will be moving over to the RCH team to take Josh Hill’s spot for the outdoor nationals.


Bubba’s RMZ 450 – James had a problem with one of his forks in the main event and only lasted a couple of laps.


Kyle Chisholm’s Cycle Trader / Rock River Yamaha was a nice looking machine. Kyle will of course be coming to Canada this summer as he is slated to race the Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals for OTSSF.


JGR Yamaha rider Josh Grant prepares to head out for one of his practice sessions.


The Godfather of the Michigan Mafia, Nick Wey, was not racing this weekend as he suffered an injury at the last round in New York. That was too bad for Nick as he made it to every other event this season. He didn’t seem too happy about it.


Although I’m not really a fan, I must admit the KTMs looked good.


KTM had the full set up going for the little kids, which is really cool.


I had one of these sausages smothered in onions the last time I came to this race in 2008. I have been looking forward to having another one since then but they weren’t nearly as good this time around. Very disappointing.


Andrew Short’s BTO Motorsports KTM gets some love between practice sessions.


Anderson’s mechanics were working furiously on his Rockstar KTM between sessions. Not sure what was wrong with it but obviously they got it straightened out.


Unfortunately, I saw far too much of this over the course of the weekend.


Dungey and Roczen’s autograph line up had to have been made up of 90% teenage girls. Conversely, Villopoto’s was about 75% redneck dudes. I’m not sure what this tells us. If anything.


I’m not sure whose bike this was but it was really trick looking. The white frame and swingarm are not something that I would have ever thought of doing but they were a really nice touch.


Hobo Alert! No, it’s not really a homeless person, it’s Josh Hansen. That’s quite a look Hanny has going there. I particularly liked the shoes.


At first glance this just looked like some ordinary moto hauler but on closer inspection you have to admire the artwork on this beauty.


Here is a closer look.


Not sure what kind of look this guy is going for here but it’s certainly unique. And functional I’m sure.


You couldn’t have been any more privateer than Chris Blose was for this race. I’m not too happy with the look of this bike however.


This is how they roll in Cali. I know I was in Vegas but 90% of the license plates in the paddock were Californian.


The Pit Party in Vegas is supposedly the best on the circuit and I can believe it. Lots of people, great atmosphere and beautiful scenery. And hot!


This is something that I thought was really cool. It’s a digital sag meter with a read out on the handle bar.


This allows you to accurately set your sag by yourself. The guy who invented it was pretty pumped to talk about it and apparently it only costs $125.


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