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Monday Gate Drop

Good day and happy final Monday of September! Yes, I really did just say that, we’re almost into the month of October and just under three months until Christmas if you’re keeping track. I hope everyone had a great weekend. If you live in Ontario then you know the type of incredible weather we’ve been experiencing for the past ten days. This has been quite a stretch of sunshine and mild temperatures so I hope you all got out and did some riding at your favourite track.

dylan jersey

Dylan Wright delivered Ayrton a great birthday present this past weekend in Ottawa.

On Friday I drove to Ottawa for my Grandma’s funeral. She was a fine lady and she lived until the ripe old age of 96. If you ever want to put things into perspective and feel good about your life and things you do have, go and hang out at a cemetery for an hour. Even though it was a beautiful sunny day, being there and looking around certainly makes you appreciate life. After the ceremony we were hanging out at our hotel, and since it was my son’s birthday yesterday, MX101 Yamaha rider Dylan Wright dropped by and hand delivered a gift to him. Dylan is a class act and he’s proof that it’s not always about what you do on the bike but how you treat people off the bike as well. Just that little extra time that a pro rider can take with a kid at the track can make a huge difference. Well, Dylan definitely is one of those riders that makes that effort and for him to come by our hotel and give Ayrton a gift meant the world to him and to us. Thanks Dylan for helping make my son’s 7th birthday a special one.

Okay, on to the news at hand and this past weekend’s Monster Energy MXON in Latvia. It sounds as though more than one team’s results were a little off. Team USA had an off day (but still managed third overall), Team Australia certainly had a day they’d rather forget, and after a promising qualifying day on Saturday, Team Canada ran into some more bad luck. Judging by the videos that came from Latvia, the track looked as though it put a premium on starts. With a right hand first turn and a lot of switch backs, passing was obviously tough, especially against the best riders in the world.

mxon colton

Team Canada had everything they needed in Latvia but still suffered some unfortunate luck and came up a little short of where they wanted to finish. photo by Jeff Kardas

The biggest question I have, well one of them anyway, is why did we get such bad starts yesterday? Our team was made up of the best starters this country has to offer. Both Colton and Tyler holeshotted Mike Alessi all summer, and he is considered one of the best starters on the planet. As any racer knows, when you’re back in the pack, bad things can happen. We definitely saw this in the final moto yesterday when Colton tangled with Ryan Dungey and went down, forcing Colton to DNF. It just seemed like bad luck followed the team around yesterday and before we knew it the three motos were over and we finished 17th overall.

If the goal was just to qualify for the A main, then great, we did it! However, I think the three riders we sent over are world class riders who are capable of just about anything on a dirt bike. Having said that, I think 17th is a tough pill to swallow after the summer of hype there was. I’m sure the team is disappointed as they make their way home. By the sounds of it, Tyler Medaglia’s eye is hurt, Colton Facciotti looks like he got shot, and the entire team probably woke up this morning with a headache from the after parties. The MXON seems like an event like no other; one day, three motos and three riders. A team can’t afford to make any mistakes if they want to do well. Team Canada went over there, did their best and had this entire country cheering for them. Maybe the end result wasn’t what we thought it would be, however we’re all proud of their effort.

mxon track

The track in Latvia was good and looked like something straight out of Canada. However, Team Canada struggle with their starts and were forced to play catch up on Sunday. photo by Jeff Kardas

So with the 2014 MXON now history we can start to move our focus indoors and the Canadian Arenacross Series. This series begins in Armstrong, BC in less than a month, and once it begins, we’re going to have four weekends of great racing. Even with a great line up of riders and a host of valuable sponsors, the 2014 series is still without a title sponsor. So if anyone out there knows of a company that might want to step up and help out, it would go a long way in helping out this awesome series. Here is the 2014 Canadian AX Schedule:


This coming weekend at Gopher Dunes is the final round of the Rockstar Energy Drink Ontario Provincial Championships. As of now, the weather looks good and as always the Gopher Dunes track will be in perfect condition. After the races there will be a BBQ and an awards ceremony so make sure you plan to stick around after to celebrate the year of racing.

That’s it for me this week. I hope everyone has a great week and hopefully we’ll see you on Sunday at Gopher Dunes. Congrats to Team Canada on a good weekend and we’re glad they’re all coming home in one piece.

2013-14 Future West Arenacross SeriesNovember 22, 2013Chilliwack, BC

It’s almost time to go indoors! photo by James Lissimore


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