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Monday Maniac #1

Monday Maniac #1

By: Ryan Gauld

Another year has come and gone for all of us. They say once you get older they click by faster. It seems just yesterday I was writing the first Monday Maniac of 2011. Time seems to wiz by faster and faster as you grow as an adult. It’s kind of sad knowing that things go faster as you get older but your body and mind slow down. Imagine if we were like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and lived in reverse. Every time the clock hits that stroke of midnight on the New Year’s Eve, your mind flashes through all of the what ifs you could have done along your path. That one night always puts everything in perspective. I guess it’s how you see it marks the person you will become for the following year. I think 2012 will be a banner year for racing in Canada. A lot was laid out on the line this year and minds were opened to new ideas. The realities within the Canadian MX Industry are starting to show but the scene will go on and grow once again. It’s all tough to comprehend, but if it was all easy then it wouldn’t give us that drive to continue on and become better and better. 2012 starts now for everyone. Who will be the ones that stick to their resolutions or goals for this year? Who will fail? Those tough questions will be answered starting this coming weekend in SX, as A1 will be televised live this Saturday on Speed. In Canada most of us will be watching from our boob tubes. Then come June we get our chance to see our best line-up chase the CMRC Monster Energy motocross title. From right now till the end of October, if you are involved in motocross and follow either the US, Canadian or World stage, or if you’re a fan, an industry worker or a racer, it’s time to be wide open and full throttle as we all share in the passion for the best sport on earth for another year. 2012 LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!

I figured since this is the first MM of the year I would start off by talking about what we know right now and what we don’t as we head into the New Year.


Can Colton or Dusty bring KTM North America their first big bike championship in 2012?

What We Know as the gate drops on 2012:

  • Blackfoot is gone. The most dominant team in the history of the sport in Canada will no longer be on the gate starting in 2012. It’s very sad but the reality of it has set in but racing will still go on.
  • Royal Distributing KTM Fox Red Bull have gone out and scooped up the #2 of Dusty Klatt and the 2011 Champion, Colton Facciotti. They have also secured the top gun in MX2 with Jeremy Medaglia. As far as stats go, KTM looks to be the team to beat this season.
  • Yamaha is still on the map. Even though BF is gone, Yamaha Motor Canada has put together programs for Machine Racing, OTSFF, Maffenbeier and the Allison twins. Kyle Keast will dawn the #4 when the gate drops on 2012 on a Machine Racing FMF back YZ450F. #7 Bobby Kiniry (MX1) and young star Richard Grey (MX2) will be riding an OTSFF Rockstar Yamaha. Throw in the “Best Rider on the Rise” from 2011, Shawn Maffenbeier, and the hard working twins, Jared and Parker Allison (who will move back to MX2 after a year in MX1), and Yamaha has a strong coast to coast supported race effort.
  • Monster Leading Edge Kawasaki has re-signed #5 Matt Goerke as their #1 gun in the MX1 class but will also be bringing one more guy to go side by side with Goerke. Names like Cole Thompson and Billy Laninovich have been thrown around but nothing signed yet. In MX2, Kyle Beaton will get another shot. Everyone knows this is Beats’ last chance with a factory team. The kid has all the ingredients to win a championship. Will it all mix well and will he come out smelling like a champion by the end of 2012? Alongside Beats will be former MX2 Champion and #3 from MX1 last year, Teddy Maier. Maier is a champion and can do it again. This could be a wise move for the Monster Leading Edge Team.
  • We will have two Saturday nationals this summer. Kamloops in the west and Gopher in the east. For the past few years, since the US tried it and has seemed to have made it work, teams and manufacturers have tried to convince Stallybrass to give it a shot. Well, 2012 will be the shot we take. I for one am stoked to see CMRC throwing some shit against the wall and seeing if it sticks. Meaning, I’m pumped to see us trying something different. Who knows? It might be a horrible idea, but at least we tried.
  • The “MXP Leads The Way” program we started for three riders to get a chance to race at Steel City in September after the Canadian Nationals are done. MXP will be kicking in a minimum of $1500 towards this program and running draws, contest, and accepting donations all summer to help achieve this goal for some lucky Canadian racers.

Kamloops  (13)

gopher pics (4)

Two Saturday nats in 2012. Kamloops and Gopher. Great News.



What will Tyler M be riding when the gate drops at Round 1 in 2012?

So there are some things we know for sure as we head into 2012. Now how about some things we don’t know:

  • Where is Tyler Medaglia going? There are rumours floating around about him riding a Suzuki for Gopher Dunes with help from Red Bull and other sponsors, but nothing has been sent out or confirmed yet.
  • What is Kaven Benoit going to race? After coming off a great year, Kaven just recently had a big injury. Timing could not have been worse for the 2011 MX2 runner-up. In times where budgets are tight and team spots are few and far between, it’s uncertain where Kaven will end up for 2012.
  • The Monster Energy Motocross Schedule. It’s is pretty much ready to go but something is holding it up. Maybe it was the holidays and there is no real reason to release when you’re thinking of Christmas and family. I would hope it hits the news this week so people can prepare.
  • Women’s Nationals? Not sure what the deal is there. Rumours have the series coming to an end and getting replaced with a 50 moto and Supermini moto at each national.
  • What are racers Nicky Beatty, Nathan Bles, Dylan Kaelin, Jay Burke, Spencer Knowles, Kevin Lepp, PJ Stratton, Brock Hoyer and I’m sure I missed few, but what are all these guys doing next year? MXP will dig into this in weeks to come and find out.

Teddy Maier

Teddy Maier is back to MX2. Can he win again?

Well that’s it for MM#1 and start off the 2012 year. Make sure you watch A1 this coming Saturday and cheer on Kyle Beaton in the Lites class. You can follow Beats on Twitter to keep tabs on what he’s doing this week. @kdbeats134

Beaton DPS photo by Frank Hoppen

Good Luck Kyle at A1!!

Happy New Year to all!!


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