Monday Maniac #2

Monday Maniac #2

By: Ryan Gauld

Do you know what a goof magnet is? Most likely no but some may think I’m a goof magnet. Actually I have some close friends, my best friends, that call me a goof magnet. A goof magnet is a guy that attracts goofs. People that show and just ramble or annoy you while you’re hanging out with normal people. I used to deny it steady cause I figured I never hung out with people who are so called “goofs.” Some people also have other meanings for the word goof. Then this Saturday night really showed what my friends were talking about. This is just one guy in a group of people I know that always makes situations awkward. Sometimes these people need to be put on the spot and make them feel like they make you feel when they show up. I’m one of those guys that can’t just let it slide and I went off a tad this past Saturday as we sat down to watch A1. One of my buddies said I still have lots more in my “going off” tank but this was a good one I guess.


Yes this is the real goofy but he’s not a goof. You earn that title by being somewhere you don’t fit.

At about the halfway mark of the show this neighbour of mine shows up. This guy just started to show up now that I have met him. I’ve been living in my hood for five years now and never met this guy till a good friend moved in; he makes friends with everybody he meets (Thanks Corey Mountain). This guy is harmless but does not fit. My buddies call this kind of person a “goof”. So this guy and his bud show up and literally just walk in my front door, filthy, drunk and shoes on while walking through my house. I take a mild snap to begin with about his shoes, especially if it’s carpet. If it’s tile I let it slide cause it’s easy to clean. That was just the start. Then this guy and his buddy are at max volume talking about cars, soccer, and whatever else didn’t matter while the seven race fans glued to A1 were trying to pay attention. I snap again and tell the guy to shut the F up or go to his garage. It calms down for a few minutes and we enjoy some racing. Then the icing on the cake started. He and his bud start talking about porting motors and how he did it in his bedroom when he was a kid. His mom would get mad at him for oily motors everywhere and he could make motors work 5 out of 10 times. The most annoying dude ever – yes he is harmless, but there’s a time and place for your useless information (your own garage). I lost it and said one more time to shut it. He got the hint and left and we we’re able to watch the Supercross main in peace. We all had a good laugh afterward and that’s when the “goof magnet” title came out. If you’re one of these people and can’t take the hint, really pay attention the next time you wander into someone’s house when they’re having a friendly gathering and you get told a few times you don’t fit. Don’t make it more awkward, just leave. LOL


We sent our boy Frankie B down to A1. He ran into the “Dingo” of Sirius radio. Look for some great video footage and a story this week (I hope).

Okay, now to the race itself. Not a great night of racing but as a fan I’m just so amped to be able to watch the sport I bleed for. Not sure what the guys were thinking when they designed this track but it looked more like an Endurocross. Very slow, not many passing opportunities, overall just not an exciting track. I’m betting the reason behind it was to make sure everyone makes it through the first weekend safely, though it didn’t really matter too much about the track because the better men won the mains. Monster Energy Kawasaki Champ Ryan Villopoto and TLD rider Cole Seely were the better men on this night and showed it with superb riding skill and dominating the main events. Congrats to those fellas. It’s on to round two in Phoenix this weekend. I can only imagine the track being tougher and the competition getting closer after the waxing CS34 and RV2 laid down on everyone else. I’m already looking forward to it.

Pretty sick transfer again from KDub. Weird this didn’t make live TV.



Kyle Beaton didn’t make the main event but posted some great times on his Monster Leading Edge Kawasaki and is looking forward to Phoenix. Photo by

Now for some Canadian updates. Obviously if you watched A1 you saw the name Kyle Beaton on the rider list, the only Canuck taking the chance down on the big scene. Little Beats qualified awesome in 23rd and looked like he would be able to make the main with ease knowing how good he usually is on his starts. Well, I guess 7 months off, working a regular job and not really doing a race start for quite some time can really make a guy’s reactions slow down a bit. LOL I chatted with Beats yesterday about his weekend and he was pretty pumped that the only crappy thing was his starts and that he made it through the weekend. Look for an interview by day’s end with him on He will be lining up at Phoenix this coming weekend.

The Monster Energy Motocross Schedule will be released today, so I’ve heard. I called the President of the CMRC, Mark Stallybrass, this morning (like anybody can for information or interviews) and he said the schedule is done and will be as follows:

For Immediate Release (Stouffville, Ontario):

Schedule changes for the 20th Anniversary of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals


Canadian Motosport Racing Corporation is proud to announce the schedule for the 20th Anniversary of the 2012 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals. The series will consist of the traditional nine rounds that will incorporate one venue change and two Saturday Nationals.

CMRC would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the Hoeppner family in Morden, Manitoba for their dedication and efforts making the national round at Shadow Valley Raceway the best possible since 2006. Their track is one of the best outdoor facilities in the country and the family has always been a pleasure with which to conduct business.

Continuing with tradition established in the ‘90s, the 2012 series will kick off the circuit in Nanaimo, British Columbia. When the series visits Kamloops the following weekend, the first ever Canadian Pro national to be held on a Saturday will take place followed by the amateur day on Sunday. Following the “race in the city” at Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary, the western swing of the series will revisit Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta before a two week break as the series heads east.

“The toughest track in the country”, Gopher Dunes in Courtland, Ontario, will also host a Saturday national complemented by an Ontario Provincial Championship round the following Sunday. A week off after the Ste-Julie stop will take place before visiting the customary trio of Riverglade, Sand Del Lee and the finale in Walton, Ontario.

CMRC and all of their national sponsors look forward to an exciting 20th Anniversary edition of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals and wish all participants and teams success in 2012.


Sunday, June 3                  The Wastelands, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Saturday, June 9               Whispering Pines Raceway, Kamloops, British Columbia

Sunday, June 17               Wild Rose MX Park, Calgary, Alberta

Sunday, June 24               Castrol Raceway, Edmonton, Alberta

Saturday, July 14              Gopher Dunes, Courtland, Ontario

Sunday, July 22                 Circuit de Ste-Julie, Ste-Julie, Quebec

Sunday, August 5             Riverglade MX Park, Moncton, New Brunswick

Sunday, August 12           Sand Del Lee, Richmond, Ontario

Sunday, August 19           Walton, Raceway, Walton, Ontario


In last week’s Monday Maniac I asked about a few riders and said I would dig for some info on them. One name was Nicky Beatty. The very talented young racer is switching from red to blue this year and will be heading down to Florida here very soon to start training and riding as he prepares for the upcoming summer. He got his bikes from Champion Powersports in Michigan. I suppose if you’re buying them, that’s okay. They’re a little cheaper in the US, but I would rather see him support a Canadian shop. Also Nicky, if you buy Canadian bikes you could be in line for Yamaha Canada contingency; something to think about.


100% is making as big comeback in 2012 with new goggles. Click the photo above to see some great history from the company.


I was hitting up Andy White this week to find out when his team is heading down south to get their ride on. MX2 championship hopeful Jeremy Medaglia will be heading to GPF mid-January to start his program, MX1 champion Colton Facciotti will be heading there for the beginning of February, and Dusty Klatt will be heading down to Cali by mid-Feb.

Exposed 3

Jeremy Medaglia will be heading down south to train and get ready this month.

The two-stroke debate has been brought up a lot lately. Should we allow 250 two stroke bikes in the MX2 class in Canada? They have done this in the US on the amateur side of things, but have not made it a rule on the pro side. One thing I can confirm is that it will be made a new rule on the amateur side of things in Canada for 2012. But should it be on the pro side? In my mind yes but I’m not the ones spending the money. The manufacturers and CMRC are the ones that make the decision. The real question is could a factory rider dominate on a two stroke in pro? Say KTM hires Kaven Benoit to ride their amazing 250 two stroke. Would he dominate and make the rule look a fool? Maybe a rule where only riders outside the top 30 in Canada and no US imports for teams would be a good rule? I really think the only way to find this out is pass the rule and see. You can look at dyno sheets and stats, but you never really know till the gate drops and you have a rider like Jeremy Medaglia on a Factory KTM 250F and say a rider like Kaven Benoit on the two stroke. It would be very interesting to see two strokes back on the track. Maybe it would bring back some old-school fans. It would obviously add that sweet smell and noise of the two banger, which any race fan knows and loves. This debate will not stop and I know there is movement on the manufacturers and CMRC side. I bet you will see something by the end of the week on this decision.

Will this sound be back at the Canadian Nats this summer?

Okay, to end this off I want to give a big shout out to Chris Bondi of Bondi Engines who had a huge sled crash last week and is in recovery mode. All signs are pointing to a full recovery and he should be starting therapy very soon and walking right away. Heal up soon Bondi!!

Thanks for reading. I’m off to sunny Jamaica this Wednesday for a week with Zanette. Hope they like white whales!!

Click this photo to see some unreal video footage. WOW!!!!