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MXP Chatter: Dylan Wright

It’s been quite a year for Dylan Wright. It all started with a great off season of training and some quality time spent on the bike in Florida. From there he slowly built up his confidence throughout the spring and early summer until it was time for the opening eastern round of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals at Gopher Dunes. After a podium ride in the sand at Gopher Dunes in the MX2 class, the Intermediate rider finished in the top ten in every pro moto he entered in the remaining rounds. Two weeks ago at Walton, Dylan won two Intermediate championships and the prestigious Bronze Boot Award. In keeping with our Parts Canada TransCan theme this week we caught up with the Richmond, Ontario native to see what’s next for him.


For a kid who doesn’t turn 16 until September 23rd, Dylan is very focused.

Q: Hey Dylan, what’s going on tonight?

A: Actually I’m just doing some homework, that’s about it.

Q: Homework? I thought school didn’t begin until next week.

A: I go to a French school so we started a week before most kids. I can’t believe I have homework already.

Q: It must be a bit of a reality check after the exciting summer you had. Okay, let’s talk about your summer. From the outside it looks like you had an incredible summer, but did it meet your expectations?

A: I thought it was a great summer for sure. The main goal was to win at the TransCan and I was able to bring home two titles and the Bronze Boot. I think we made a good decision with riding the 250 two-stroke this year. I adapted really well to the bike and I thought I was able to ride it well. I got down to Florida before the season started and did some riding so I got a good jump start to the season up here, and from there things just kept getting better for me. So, to answer your question, this season definitely met my expectations.

Q: A few riders took advantage of the two-stroke rule. What was your thinking with racing that bike?

A: Honestly, it was just because my family isn’t the wealthiest family and since the bike is easy to maintain and relatively cheap to run it made sense for us. My Dad could do all the work on it because he knows those motors, and we didn’t have to do much to it to make it fast. I’m glad we chose it because I had so much fun on it all year.

Q: We’re sure glad you chose the two-stroke because it was sure a lot of fun to watch you ride it. Let’s talk about Walton. During the week you had some great battles with Weston and sometimes it looked like there was no love lost between the two of you. What was going on with you two?

A: Not much really, we’re just both racers and we both wanted to win so we were going for it. I’m not going to lie, there was a rivalry between us at Walton but off the track we’re still friends. I respect him for sure. He’s a great rider and he races me hard. There was one instance when he was blocking me pretty good but that’s racing. I knew going into Walton that he would be fast, but I just tried to prepare the best I could and worry about my own deal.

2013 CMRC NationalsGopher DunesCourtland, OntarioJuly 14 2013

Growing up near Sand Del Lee has made Dylan a great sand rider as he proved at Gopher Dunes this summer.

Q: When I saw you two on the podium kind of hating on each other and with you on a two-stroke, I thought for a second you’d travelled through time from 1996. Trust me, no one was friends on the track back then.

A: That’s funny. I’ve actually heard some of those old school stories before.

Q: You obviously had a great week at the TransCan. How did Sunday go for you in MX2?

A: I felt great all day. All the training I had done certainly paid off because even after a week of riding I still had energy for Sunday. In the first moto I had some bad luck. I tangled with someone on the first lap and my pipe got bent so I had to DNF. In moto two I rode hard and ended up seventh. I was happy with that because the track was really tough and all the guys were going fast. It was a good way to end the summer, especially after crashing hard in Quebec. I was happy that I was able to come back from that crash.

Q: I heard your Quebec crash was a good one, for sure. How did this year feel to you? Did your confidence just snowball as the season went on?

A: I think the first thing that happened was that I came into the season very well prepared and in great shape. This allowed me to ride to my full potential so when I did start going fast I was able to push it hard. Once I started beating guys that I had looked up to for a while, my confidence really took off. I had a good race with Keast at SDL in June then at the Moto Park Cup I beat some really fast riders. So heading into Gopher Dunes I felt pretty good. I guess you’re right; things did snowball in a really good way.


Dylan had some great battles this spring with seasoned vets like Kyle Keast.

Q: As good as I thought your ride was at Gopher Dunes, I was honestly more impressed with your ride at Sand Del Lee. At SDL you had the weight of expectation, you had the pressure of riding on your home track, and you had to battle through some adversity with crashes, and you still rode well.

A: Thanks. Yes, I know what you mean. SDL certainly seemed a lot harder and I had to really charge in both motos. I thought I could’ve done better but that’s racing and sometimes things happen. I actually took a lot of confidence from SDL because I did have to pass a lot of really fast guys.

Q: As I said before you had quite a summer. It was definitely one of the best Intermediate performances we’ve seen in a long time. What is next for you? Do you know yet what you’ll be riding in 2014?

A: We’re not sure yet, I mean I guess it’s still kind of early for any decisions to be made. I’ve talked to a few teams about next year but nothing is set in stone. It’s just a lot of talking right now. I hope I get something for next year and maybe go and chase a championship. If not we’ll probably just do what we did this year and work hard and do our best.

2013 CMRC Nationals Gopher Dunes Courtland, Ontario July 14 2013

All the of the hard work seems to be paying off for Dylan.

Q: Well Dylan, I’m sure you’ll end up with something. You had a great year and you’re a hard working kid so I think you’d be a great addition to any team. Enjoy the off season and good luck in 2014. Now go and finish your homework.

A: Thanks Chris, I hope everything works out. I’m just going to train really hard this winter and see what happens next year. Take care and say hi to your little guy for me.


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