MXP Chatter: Nanaimo MX2 Winner Austin Politelli

When a rider heads into the first round of a series, all they want to do is have a consistent day and build on their success. For Austin Politelli, round one in Nanaimo went exactly as planned; he got good starts and rode very well. His 1-2 moto score gave him the overall for the day in the MX2 class. We caught up with Austin 15 minutes after his second moto to see how everything went.

politelli head

Austin Politelli had to work hard in both motos to take the MX2 overall win in Nanaimo.

Q: Hey Austin, great ride today. It was almost a perfect day except for that little miscue in moto two. Can you take us through what happened?

A: I pretty much had that moto won. I worked really hard at the beginning to stretch my lead out over Kaven. I was just dropping down a hill and there was a little hard packed section at the top. Well, when my front wheel hit it I got a little pushed and it shot me off the track. I hit a drainage ditch and almost crashed, but I saved it and kept going. Unfortunately I lost the lead to Kaven and that was it.

Q: Yes, I saw that and it certainly came out of nowhere. Luckily your 1-2 moto score still gave you the overall for the day and the points lead going into Kamloops.

A: Yes, I felt great today. I would’ve been really bummed if I’d thrown away the overall with that mistake.

Q: After that incident it looked like you were holding your leg for the last few laps. Was something hurt?

A: When I went off the track my feet went flying off the pegs and I caught my calf on the footpeg; it gave me a pretty good gash. I knew I had a huge lead over third place so I just slowed down and rode steady. At that point I knew the overall win was still mine.

Q: All day you looked like you had this track dialed. In moto two you were able to get around Kaven pretty quickly then in just a few short laps you were gone. Are you used to this type of track?

A: I have a few tracks back in California that are hard packed like Perris or Starwest so I am used to this stuff, but I don’t ride anything that has this many rocks, that’s for sure. I don’t know, I just felt really comfortable today and was able to get some flow.

austin politelli 2013

Politelli pretty much owned the rutted track in Nanaimo.

Q: Your Monster Energy Parts Canada Leading Edge Kawasaki looked like it was working great all day?

A: My bike was amazing, right from the first lap of practice it was working great. We made a few little changes after moto one to the suspension so in moto two the bike was incredible. In this class you have to have a great bike and I think with ours we’re going to be good all season.

Q: So other than having a big cut on your leg right now, I don’t think you could ask for a better start to the series. What is the plan for this week to prepare for Kamloops?

A: Well, I’m flying back home this week so I’ll just make sure my leg is good to go and then I’ll just start preparing for Kamloops. I really like that track. I mean, it’s completely different than Nanaimo but we’ve done some testing there already so hopefully we can have another good day.

Q: Well Austin, great riding today, hope the leg is good and we’ll see you in Kamloops.

A: Yes for sure, thanks for doing this and hopefully we’ll be talking again next week.


Politelli found his way to the top step of the podium at round one.