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MXP Chatter With Jeremy McKie Presented By Motovan

Over the years Jeremy McKie has been one of those young riders who has used hard work and determination to build his confidence and results. Through injuries and setbacks Jeremy has managed to persevere and last week things paid off for the talented Quebec rider. With Jacob Piccolo on the sidelines with an unfortunate injury, the KTM Factory asked Jeremy if he’d like to race under their tent for the final two rounds of the 2022 Triple Crown Series. Of course, he said yes and this past weekend in Deschambault Jeremy made a dream come true by becoming a KTM Factory rider. We caught up with the likable young rider after he led moto 2 in the 250 class for over half of the race.

MXP: Hey Jeremy, here was are over an hour after your incredible second moto here at Deschambault and you’re still in your gear and walking around talking to everyone. You must be so excited and to have this type of ride in front of your home fans is amazing. Tell us how you’re feeling right now?

JM: It’s hard to put into words right now as I’m still just trying to let it all sink in. I didn’t have a great opening moto today as I crashed a few times and really messed it up. But I think it was mostly because of nerves and trying too hard. So in moto 2, I was sitting on the starting line and I just told myself to relax and go out and ride. And that is what I did!

Yes, you most certainly did. Obviously, the factory bike has a lot of power because you pulled a massive holeshot in the second moto. Describe the feeling you had on the opening laps as you led everyone around the track in front of your home fans?

I couldn’t believe it actually! I could people cheering and screaming and I just tried to ride as fast as I could. I put in some big heaters on those first few laps and actually pulled away a little. I felt good but once the adrenaline wore off I started to get a little tight. I could see that Mitchell Harrison was catching me and then I began to make some little mistakes. Obviously, it would’ve been great to win that moto but I’ll take the holeshot and third place for sure. It was nice to stand on the podium after and hear the cheers from everyone.

In front of thousands of cheering Quebec fans Jeremy holeshotted moto 2 on Sunday. Photo by James Lissimore

I bet it was. Quebec fans have always been so passionate about racing and cheering for their local riders. I remember when Kaven Benoit won a moto here in 2016 the fans were going crazy. When you were out front I could feel the same energy in the crowd. It’s very cool.

Yes it is! Quebec fans have always been great and it was awesome to see so many people here today.

You’ve had kind of an up and down season so far but like always you’ve stuck with it and then last weekend at Riverglade you finished third overall. What has the 2022 season been like for you so far?

As you said it’s been up and down but for the past month I could myself getting better and better. I know you always say I’m a good sand rider but I like the hard pack so I was excited to get to Riverglade after two weekends in the sand at Gopher Dunes and SDL. I tried to ride smoothly there and not make too many mistakes and everything worked out. I ended up third in the opening moto and then in moto2 I had to really work hard to get into 5th. It was a tough day as the track was challenging and it was pretty hot outside.

So you finish third overall last weekend and with Piccolo out with an injury for the rest of the season bringing you under the KTM Factory tent makes perfect sense. Was it something that you talked about before or did you just get a call this week?

I just got a call early this week and we made it happen. I was able to bring a few important items over to help me keep my comfort level but obviously, I had to switch gear as the KTM Team wears Thor. Fox Racing Canada was cool with everything and I’d like to thank them for being so understanding. This is a dream come true and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I’m sure you’re going to let today sink in for a few days. What is the plan after that as you prepare for the final round at Walton Raceway?

We have a weekend off so for the next couple of days I’ll probably just work on my recovery and get ready for the week. Then it’s time to go back to work and keep doing the same stuff we’ve been doing all season long. I really like the Walton track and I love the entire week of TransCan and hanging out. I’m looking forward to going to Walton and trying to finish off the season on a high note.

The past few weeks have been great for Jeremy and now he’s looking forward to the Walton TransCan next week. Photo by James Lissimore

Yes, you and you’re family have been a part of the Walton TransCan for many years and it’s always great to see you guys there. Well, Jeremy, thank you for doing this, and once again congratulations on today. I’m sure it’s a day you won’t soon forget?

Yes, you’re right I won’t forget today for some time. It was a good day and to be able to do it here was a lot of fun.

Well, have a good week and we’ll see you and your family at the 30th Anniversary of the Walton TransCan.

For sure Chris! Thanks for finding me and chatting with me.


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