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MXP Chatter With Quinn Amyotte Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

Over the past several seasons, Quinn Amyotte has been working on his craft and steadily improving his results with each race. History has shown us that there are many different roads to the top of any sport, and Quinn has definitely taken the long one. However, through the good times and the adversity he’s faced, Quinn has relied on his work ethic and the firm belief that he belongs on the top step of the podium. For 2024, Quinn has earned a ride with the WLTN Kawasaki Team. If his off-season training in Florida was any indication, he’s making the most out of this incredible opportunity. We caught up with Quinn on Sunday afternoon at Walton Raceway as he had just wrapped up breaking in his Triple Crown Series race bike. 

MXP: Hey Quinn! We know you’ve only been back from training down south for a few weeks, but you’ve been pretty busy since then. You raced at Gopher Dunes and then again at Auburn Hills Raceway last weekend; you’ve also been busy testing and training. Overall, how have things been going?

QA: Things have been going great, and I’m really enjoying myself. I returned from Florida and went straight to Gopher Dunes for the opening AMO race. The day went well, although adjusting to the cold Ontario weather was difficult. The WLTN Kawasaki Team brought their rig there, so we stayed warm between motos. After Gopher Dunes, I took a week off riding and just relaxed. Then, I raced Auburn Hills, and here we are with just a few weeks to go before the opening round in Calgary. 

Obviously, you did a lot of riding during the off-season in Florida. But how did it feel to finally get back to racing here in the past few weeks?

It was great! The two AMO races went well, and it was fun to race against some fast guys on 450s. I felt like I was competitive, but I sure ate a lot of roost. Since Auburn Hills, I’ve just been riding, and then, for the past few days, I’ve been with the team here at Walton Raceway. 

This isn’t your first year being part of a team, but it is the first time that all the focus has been on you to win a championship. How have you embraced this new role?

Everything has been going well. WLTN Kawasaki brought in Steve Simms to be the Team Manager this year, so that has been great. Steve came down south for almost a month so we could do some testing and team bonding. I really like Steve, and we get along really well. Brett and Mel are great, and they’ve done a great job welcoming me to the team.

You’re no stranger to pressure or having to be accountable to people, so we’ll assume that you enjoy having someone like Steve around to keep you on your toes.

Yes, as you know, Steve doesn’t mess around and he certainly tells like it like it is. I like that as you always know where you stand. As you mentioned, I’ve been fortunate to be part of a team over the past couple of years, but where I am now is at a new level, and I really like it. 

Steve has been around a long time, and during that time, he’s been part of some championship-winning teams. With all of his experience, this feels like the perfect time to take on the task of being the WLTN Kawasaki Team Manager, and try and get the Green Team a couple of titles. 

I agree; Steve is taking this new role very seriously, as the rest of us have as well. I feel ready, and I know Tanner feels ready as well. I believe as a team we’re going to do everything we can to put our Kawasaki’s on the podium this summer. 

Quinn and his WLTN Kawasaki Team have raced the opening two AMO events in Ontario. Photo by Brandon Rodwell

It’s taken you a while to get to where you are now. However, during that time, we’re sure you’ve learned a lot about yourself and how to deal with adversity. Do you feel that this added experience gives you more confidence heading into 2024?

Without a doubt! I’ve definitely taken the long road to get to where I am today, but I count that as a positive thing. I’ve had to work for everything I have and every good result I’ve ever gotten. I’m not afraid of hard work, and I know the importance of it. Also, I’ve had a real job before, so I appreciate the position I’m in right now, and I know how lucky I am to be racing dirt bikes for a living. 

Yes, working a real job in the off-season gives you some perspective. We’ve seen you have some solid results in the past several seasons, including some podium finishes at the end of last year. However, you’ve also had some tough races and challenging seasons. What has kept you going and trying to move forward? 

Good question! My trainer talks about building blocks and how it takes time to build something special. You lay out one set of blocks, then add glue, let it sit, and then put more blocks down. It’s a process, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. That’s how I’m trying to do things, and so far, it’s been working. 

You know, one of the things I like about your riding is that you’re a charger. Meaning that whether you get a good start or a bad start, you just put your head down and charge. I think that trait will serve you well this summer as you try to become one of the 250 title contenders.

I hope so (laughs). Yes, that is just the way I’ve always ridden. I feel like I’ve become a little smoother in the past few years, but I still can charge with the best of them. 

Check out Quinn’s latest Vlog right here!

It’s also cool that for the past several years, you’ve been making an effort to create YouTube Vlogs and giving us a glimpse of your life both at the track and away from it. Other Canadian riders are beginning to follow your lead, but you were the first. 

Yes, thank you. I enjoy doing the Vlogs, and it’s cool to hear positive feedback. The Vlogs are a lot of work, but working on them and seeing the finished product is fun. Also, when I’m done racing, it’s going to be cool to look back and see what life used to be like. 

We’ve seen many riders in the past come into a series ready to go, and then they allow the pressure to get to them, and things don’t go the way they envisioned. Even if the Triple Crown Series started tomorrow, we know you’re ready to go, but how will you deal with the added pressure of being with a top team and the expectations that role brings with it?

I know it may sound strange, but I don’t feel any added pressure right now. I’m sure I’ll feel the normal raceday nerves in Calgary, but I don’t think there will be any more pressure to perform than there normally is. All the team wants from me is a 100% effort in every moto. As we just spoke about, that is who I am and how I always ride. My goal is to go to Calgary, put in two solid motos and see where I’m at. Then, we’ll go to Lethbridge and do the same. I know I’m part of a great team and on a great bike. All I have to do is go and ride as hard as I can each weekend. 

Quinn, it sounds as though you have a very good attitude and are ready for some good things to happen this summer. We can’t wait to see how the Triple Crown Series goes for you and to watch all of the behind-the-scenes action in your Kwangs Vlog Series. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, and good luck this summer. 

Thank you, Palms! It’s good to chat with you. The off-season has flown by, and soon it will be time to go racing!

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