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MXP Chatter With Team Canada Presented By Motovan

Well, the moment that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. This week Team Canada will to Red Bud to compete against the world’s best riders in the 2022 Monster Energy MXONs. Our team of Tyler Medaglia, Dylan Wright, and Ryder McNabb have been training hard and are all ready to go. Representing a country isn’t an easy task as the stakes are high and the pressure immense, but our boys are in a good spot and this weekend they should be able to find success. For this week’s Motovan MXP Chatter we caught up with all three of our riders to find out how they’re feeling heading into Red Bud.

MXP: I guess the best question to ask you guys is how are you feeling heading into this weekend? Are you ready to go?

Tyler: I feel ready as I’ve been able to get some really good riding in both last week and this week so far. My injuries from Walton are feeling better and they haven’t stopped me from training and doing long motos. I think we’re in a really good spot with my bike set-up and as a team, we’re looking good.

Dylan: I’m feeling great and honestly I cannot wait to get on the track at Red Bud and show everyone what Team Canada has. I took a nice break after Walton so I feel pretty fresh right now and my body has really responded well to the training I’ve done the past few weeks. These next few days are always tough because you just want to get there and start riding. At least this year we don’t have to get on a plane and fly across the ocean so that’s good.

Ryder: I cannot wait to get there and see what the MXON and Red Bud are all about. Obviously, I’ve never raced for Team Canada and I’ve never been to Red Bud so this is all new to me. I know Dylan is ready and Tyler seems like the type who is always ready so let’s go!

MXP: Well, that is good to hear. What are you most excited about heading into this weekend?

Tyler: I’m excited about the fact that I get to be a member of Team Canada again and part of this awesome event. At my age, you take things year by year and you never know when it’s going to be the final time representing your country. This is truly an honour and every time I’ve done it I head into the event feeling a lot of pride.

Dylan: I’m just excited to go racing again as it feels like it’s been a while now. This is a big event and it’s an honour to be a part of Team Canada so let’s go and see what we can do. We have a great team and I feel like we each bring something special to the team. Also, we have a good support staff going and my bike set-up is the same as it was all summer so I’m confident and excited about that. As I said, it’s a big event and the entire world will be watching but at the same time once you’re on the track the racing is normal. No one is racing for points or money so you just go out and do your thing.

Ryder: I’m excited about just going and seeing everything. I’ve never raced against most of these riders so I don’t know what to expect. The fact that I’m racing in the MX2 class I think is exciting because you just have to go for it. There really isn’t any strategy or worrying about anything, you just try and get a decent start and ride as hard as you can. I don’t know, I think I’m excited about everything!

Wright 2022

MXP: This might be a dumb question but I have to ask it. How do you three feel your chances are this weekend? I mean, the team is really solid and the stars could be aligning perfectly for an outstanding finish at Red Bud.

Tyler: I would agree with that for sure. We’re all in a good spot and all summer we were the three best riders in the Triple Crown Series. Obviously, we need a little luck when it comes to gate pick but I think we can get it done and come away with our best ever finish.

Dylan: I like the way you think Palms and I would agree with that. All of us have had a great summer and come into this weekend with a lot of confidence. Both Tyler and I have the experience that will help us and while this is Ryder’s first time at this event he’ll be okay. At 16 years old you never worry about anything anyway so he can just go for it. I think my MXGP experience from last year will help as it should make me feel a little more comfortable racing most of the riders. I don’t know, once the gate drops we’re all going to go for it so that is all we can do.

Ryder: I like our chances this weekend as I think we’re all riding well and at the top of our game. Obviously, everyone else is in the same boat but with the race being so close I think that gives us a good advantage over teams that have to travel a long way to get to Red Bud. I don’t think too much about how we’re going to do or anything, I’m just thinking about riding!

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MXP: As we’ve mentioned Red Bud isn’t too far across the Canada/USA border so travel should be simple. How are you all getting to Red Bud?

Tyler: Yes, it won’t be too bad of a travel day for us as I’m flying out of Halifax and going to Chicago. From there, we’ll rent a car and drive to our hotel and to the track. We’re leaving Thursday morning and should be there sometime in the afternoon.

Dylan: My wife and I are driving from our home in Quebec and making our way to Ontario first. We’ll probably stop in Woodstock and stay at Tanner Ward’s place and then wake up the next day and drive to Red Bud. I think everyone is kind of leaving at the same time so hopefully, we all arrive together. So yeah, not too bad of a travel day.

Ryder: I think we’re all leaving on Thursday and driving to Red Bud. It’s not too far so the drive will be okay. We’re all in the same hotel so it will be fun to hang out and have some team dinners.

MXP: That’s great boys. Well, whether Canadian fans are at Red Bud or watching from home we will all be cheering loudly. Good luck and have fun!

Tyler: Thanks Palms! It should be a fun weekend and hopefully we can go and make Canada proud.

Dylan: Thank you! I cannot wait to see all of the fans there cheering for us.

Ryder: Thank you! I cannot wait as it’s going to be awesome racing for Team Canada.


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