The beginning of May 2015 Tyler Medaglia and I had a long drive back to his place in Truro, NS after a long day of suspension testing with Mike Haist at the Winchester Speedpark in Vermont. As I was still fairly new in the industry, I was taking in all the information I could each test day and pounding Mike with a million questions trying to pick his brain apart to learn everything I could about suspension.

While testing, I watched Mike use his stopwatch to time certain sections, looking for marginal gains after each adjustment. What we were chasing was a suspension setting that increased Tyler’s comfort, which would then translate into an improved lap time that would be evident on the stopwatch. I remember thinking to myself, a gain of half a second per lap would result in an overall advantage of approximately 8s per moto, which is pretty big. How could we truly tell this with each adjustment?

As the margin for human error with the traditional stopwatch had to at least be half a second per lap, (note that this was the time when Litpro wasn’t around either/they were a sport watch start up company trying to compete with Garmin). Which means that in order to be sure we actually did something significant we had to look for a lap-time deviation of about 1-2 seconds as the day progressed.

Coming from a tech background, I was thinking to myself there has to be better ways of doing this. This is when the idea of a GPS based lap timing device started to come into play. As the test day ended we rested up and began the journey home the next morning.

Tyler and I were driving home and going back and forth through some ideas. That’s when we thought of a digital recreation of a pitboard!

Tyler was driving so I started doing some more digging on the internet and couldn’t find anything of it’s kind, and that’s when we knew that we needed to leverage our two specialties and create the perfect device.

A couple years later, expanding our team to get as much help as we can, lots of R&D and endless days of testing, we are now ready to get the product out there but cannot do so without the help from the moto community!

Wednesday is a big day for us and we are super excited and anxious to see what everyone thinks.

Here is the Kickstarter page where they can show their support by purchasing some swag or pre-ordering the product at a discount!

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