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Photo Report – Wild Rose MX Calgary, AB

By Ryan Gauld

Photos by MXP Staff, James Kowula and Myrna Hansen

It’s a wrap!!! Cowtown is in the past and what weekend it was at Wild Rose MX park smack dab in the middle of Calgary, AB. All week long the weather man looked to be against but as per usual he was way off base and the weather was perfect for racing. Monster Leading Edge Kawasaki’s Teddy Maier keeps his moto streak going by claiming another 1-1 victory in MX2. MX1 saw a new winner as OTSFF Rockstar Yamaha Motovan.com’s Bobby Kiniry put his ride on the top with 2-1 moto scores. So here ya go. Some shots from the weekend as we head to Edmonton for round four of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals.

I have never understood what the big deal is with lap times? The new era racer seems way too interested in how fast they go for a lap. When nothing really matters till the gate drops, the BS stops and the cream of the crop always rises to the top!!!


The start gate at Wild Rose MX is pretty cool. 40 gates all covered, concrete pad and a sweet sweeper that cleans it before each pro moto. Other then the concrete, this start gate is kick ass.


Brad Nauditt ripped both holeshot’s this weekend. He also grabbed his first podium overall in 3rd. Brad has been working hard and this weekend showed that. The rider that is down in this pic is GA Checkpoint Yamaha’s Spencer Knowles, who charged back to 8th in this moto.


Royal Distributing KTM Red Bull Fox’s Jeremy Medaglia rode really well this weekend. He was off the pace of Maier, but absolutely destroyed the rest of the field. Medaglia is due for a win. Maybe this weekend in Edmonton.


The crowd on hand was huge. They got treated to an amazing race day, especially the final MX1 moto.


Jared Allison didn’t get the finish he would've liked on his Yamalube Blackfootdirect.com TLD ride in front of his home crowd, but since Kyle Beaton crashed out of the second moto. Jared is now one point behind Beats in the point’s race for 3rd spot.


At one point it got ugly with a wind storm that came from nowhere. Luckily it was brief or we could have had another Walton style tornado on our hands.


Leading Edge shop owner, and Monster Leading Edge Kawasaki team owner, Jason Hughes, is one happy camper right now as both his riders’ Teddy Maier and Matt Goerke sit on top of their respective classes.


2011 MX1 Champion Colton Facciotti fought through the pain from his shoulder to grab 3rd overall for the day.


Tyler Medaglia piloted his GDR TLD Red Bull Honda to 4th on the day. In moto 1, he grabbed the Royal Distributing Holeshot and led some laps, but would fall back to 4th. Moto two saw him take a little tip over while running 4th, giving Klatt the edge. He would get up to take 5th in the moto.


Teddy Maier is killing the MX2 class on his Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki. He was perfect again on Sunday.


Topher Ingalls was running 3rd in moto two, and then realized something was wrong with his bike.


He pulled into the mechanics area to notice his rear axle nut was about to fall off. Luckily they were able to fix it, but then his bike seized on the last lap. Tough day for Ingalls.


Cody Woodworth is pretty impressive on a YZ125. The lone two stroke in MX2 has shown that old school, can still hang with new school.


Spencer Knowles was hauling in moto two. His speed got him on to the box in 3rd for the moto, and 4th OA for the day.


MX2 podium from Wild Rose MX. 3rd Brad Nauditt, 2nd Jeremy Medaglia, and 1st Teddy Maier.


The 50 class got a special podium after the 2nd MX2 moto with winner Teddy Maier. Brett Lee said “these kids are so cute.”


It was cool to have Dean Wilson on hand. He helped with the MotoXRadio show, and gave all his Canadian fans a treat by signing autographs.


Tyler Villopoto still impresses me each moto. He rode two lonely races this weekend, but 6th overall is a great ride for this young kid. He also has some pretty entertaining dance moves!!!! Hell of a showman. LOL


Matt Goerke’s perfect moto streak made it to five. Pretty awesome. He still managed to grab 2nd overall not losing any points in the title chase.


The most impressive ride of the weekend came from JBR racing’s Jay Burke. 11-7 for 7th OA is his best finish for quite some time. Not bad for guy with no mechanic.


Ryan Lockhart high fives MX1 winner Bobby Kiniry on his first win since 2010 in Canada. Now the question is, can he back it up, and close the gap on MX1 points leader Goerke?


MX1 podium from Wild Rose MX. 3rd Colton Facciotti, 2nd Matt Goerke, and 1st Bobby Kiniry.


Two thumbs up from Brittany Danyluk before the start of the day.


Jamie Munro grabs a handful of throttle.


Tressa Rau leaps the 110 at Wild Rose on her way to 5th overall.


Rachael Springman grabbed both holeshot’s and 4th for the day.


Women’s west coast champion Denaye Giroux had a rough day. A sudden halt in her momentum while battling the deep ruts saw her smash her hip of the bars, leaving a hole so deep that it reached her stomach liner. She toughed it out in moto two to grab 3rd on the day.


Shelby Turner kept winner Haley Larson honest in moto one. She would ride hard to 2nd overall and close the gap on Giroux for 2nd in the title chase with only two motos remaining.


Women’s podium from Wild Rose MX. 3rd Denaye Giroux, 2nd Shelby Turner, and 1st Hailey Larson


So glad to have Dianna Dahlgren back last weekend, and this weekend in Edmonton. Icing on the moto cake. See ya’ll this weekend.



Chris Pomeroy

1989 Rookie-of-the-year and former nationally ranked pro racer who turned into a dirt oriented scribe

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