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Pit Tour Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada- Tyler Medaglia’s Thor/GASGAS/Racing MC450F

We headed over to the Thor/GASGAS/Race Team tent for this week’s Matrix Concepts Canada Pit Tour to look at Tyler Medaglia’s Factory Edition GASGAS MC450F. Tyler was one of the first riders in Canada to get one of these beautiful bikes, and he’s put it to good use this summer in the 2023 Triple Crown Series. If you recall, Tyler won a 450-class moto back at Round 2 in Kamloops, so obviously, he has gelled with this new bike. Of all the factory bikes in the paddock, Medaglia’s is the most unique when it comes to setup. At 36 years old, Medaglia has a ton of experience and knows what he likes and doesn’t like. This sums up his Thor/GASGAS/Race Team MC450F, as from front to back, the bike is catered to Tyler and how he rides. From his levers to his custom seat hump to his suspension, even his grips are customized for Tyler. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the famous #5 machine in this week’s Matrix Concepts Canada Pit Tour.

Photos by James Lissimore

Tyler Medaglia’s Factory Edition GASGAS MC450F is a beautiful looking machine, and so is the Matrix Concepts Canada stand it sits on.

Tyler and his Thor/GAGAS/Race Team uses Pirelli Tires and like most of the top riders, SSS handle his suspension needs

Tyler runs an FMF Exhaust system as well as a modified Hinson Clutch. Also, PR2 does all of the team’s motor work.

Tyler loves footpegs that come stock on the Factory Edition MC450F. Also, his team modifies the tip on his rear brake lever.

Tyler uses trusty WP Pro Component Shcok with internals and settings by SSS Suspension.

Tyler runs stock clamps and even a stock fuel tank. He says that he’s able to get a 45 minute moto in at home with the fuel tank that comes stock on this new Factory Edition MC450F.

Although the cool looking and durable guard comes stock on the FE MC450F, Tyler uses an upgraded brake caliper from the KTM Power Parts Catalog.

Tyler is one of the only top riders that uses stock wheels and spokes.

This cool looking chain guide is also available in the KTM Power Parts Catalog. Also, for gearing Tyler runs a larger front and rear sprocket.

As we mentioned before, the footpegs that come stock on the FE MC450F are good enough for Tyler.

Here is another photo of the factory FMF Exhaust.

Tyler is extremely picky on his Renthal bar bend as he likes a very low bar.

Why are Tyler’s and most of the top riders spokes lock wired together? So if they break the spokes have a better chance of staying together.

You won’t see another seat in the paddock that looks like this. Tyler has to have his seat hump in an exact spot!

Tyler runs different levers for his front brake as well as his clutch as he likes to have a certain feel and pull.

Why a solid rotor you ask? Well, it gives a more consistent feel during long motos, and it’s more durable.

Here is closer look at Tyler’s clutch lever and modified (for strength) hand guards.

One last look at Tyler Medaglia’s race winning THor/GASGAS/Race Team FE MC450F

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