MXP Chatter With Quinn Amyotte Presented By Motovan

Coming into the 2022 Triple Crown Series Quinn Amyotte is looking to have a breakout season in the 250 class. Armed with new sponsorship from Fox Racing Canada as well as his trusty Manluk Yamaha, Quinn feels like he’s ready to go this summer. We caught up with him as he was out at Walton Raceway yesterday afternoon spinning some laps.

MXP: Hey Quinn, are you feeling as good as you look in your new Fox Racing Canada gear?

QA: Of course, how could I not feel good in this awesome gear (laughs).

Amyotte 22

It must feel good to be with a trusted brand like Fox Canada Racing?

For sure, there is just something about it that feels good as soon as you put it on. I’ve felt fortunate to have some great sponsors over the years and I’m pumped to have Fox Racing onboard for 2022.

Let’s talk about last year for a minute. At times you were fast and consistent, but would it be safe to say that you were looking for a little more of both?

I would agree with that. I was happy with my speed and my fitness we just had a little bad luck with some bike issues. When those things happen it can be challenging to build any momentum. I don’t think my results last year were an honest indication of my overall speed, but 2021 was still a good learning year for me and I think can use what I learned last year and apply it to this year.

Regardless of your results how has the transition to the pro class been overall?

It’s been okay. I think my rookie year was really strong and I took a lot of confidence from it. Then Covid-19 hit and everything seem to get more challenging. I guess it’s the same for everyone so I’m not complaining. It’s just that during the past two years I haven’t been progressing as fast as I thought I would. However, it is the pro class and so many riders are fast and at the end of the day, we’re all out there trying to make a living.

Quinn Amyotte
Quinn had a great off-season and is looking forward to lining up in Kamloops. Photo by James Lissimore

For sure Quinn, the pro class isn’t easy and over the years we’ve seen several fast amateur riders take a few years to gain traction in the pro class. It’s great to see you back with the Manluk Yamaha Team for 2022. They have a solid presence in the paddock and you’re a big part of that.

The team is great and we’ve been working hard during the off-season. We have a few new things planned for this summer so we look forward to releasing those details soon. The opening round is coming up soon so we’ll take these next couple of weeks to fine-tune some things and then we’ll head out west.

That is good to hear and we’ll look forward to seeing what you and the Manluk Yamaha Team have planned. The Triple Crown Series is headed back out west for the first time since 2019, how excited are you to kick the 2022 series off out west?

It’s going to be great to head out west and race the first three rounds of the series. I know the Triple Crown Series did the best they could during the past two seasons with Covid affecting travel and everything. But this summer is going to once again have a solid national feel with rounds out west as well as out in Moncton. We’re all very excited!

You mentioned that you had a solid off-season training down south. Where did you spend most of your time?

I was mostly at Tyla Rattrey’s facility in Florida so that was really cool. Some of the top SX riders like Chase Sexton were also there so it was great to see them ride every day. Also, with Baker’s Factory right up the road you just felt like you were in the middle of something special for sure. I had a great time there and hopefully, all of my hard work is going to pay off this summer.

That does sound like an incredible off-season for you. Okay, here is the golden question for you. When we’re sitting here in August at the final round and you look back at your summer of racing. What will you consider to be a successful Triple Crown MXTour Series?

That is a great question and one that I’ve thought about a lot. I think I will be happy this summer if I’m just consistently battling for top fives at every round. Obviously, I’d like to sit here and say I want to win and podium, we all want that. However, I have to begin somewhere and I think to be battling every week for top fives is a great start.

Quinn Amyotte 22
Quinn is looking for battle inside the top five at every round this summer. Photo by James Lissimore

That sounds great Quinn and you’re right, you have to start somewhere. Okay, you have some great sponsors and a lot of solid people behind you. Who would you like you thank?

I feel really fortunate to have a support team behind me. I couldn’t do this without the Manluk Yamaha Team, Frank, Steve and the entire crew does a great job. Rock River Yamaha, Matrix Concepts Canada, Renthal, Fox Racing Canada, Team LTD, Enzo Suspension, and anyone else I forgot.

Awesome! Thank you for doing this Quinn and good luck this summer!


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