Royal Distributing Presents Young And On The Rise- Dustin Burbridge

Words and Photos by Carrie Brown

Dustin Burbridge is a fast and very talented young rider from Saint John, New Brunswick. At only 10-years-old he’s already won numerous awards and has visited the podium many times. Dustin is definitely moving towards becoming a future star in Canadian Motocross.

MXP: Hey Dustin, thanks for chatting with me today. What kind bike do you ride and what is your number?

Thank you for letting me have this opportunity. I ride a Cobra 65 and have number 71.

MXP: You started riding at a very young age, can you to tell me about that?

Yes, I started riding a dirt bike when I was 3-years-old. I loved it right away. I had my first race ever when I was 4-years-old. I finished 3rd and from there I was hooked. I have been racing ever since.

MXP: Do you race in any clubs or series?

M.R.C Atlantic Region Series, Challenge Quebec. S.X.Q.C Spring Arenacross Series, and the Rockstar Triple Crown Series. Plus, I competed at the 2018 Walton TransCan last August.

MXP: What is your favourite track and why?

I actually have two favourite tracks: Riverglade and Deschambault. I like Riverglade, it’s my home track, because I like how fast it is, and it’s where I had my first race, which I won. I like Deschambault as well because the track is really big and has a lot of big jumps. Most of my friends ride at both tracks, so I always like to ride with them too.

MXP: Who is your favourite Canadian rider and why?

Well, that’s easy, Tyler Medaglia. Tyler is an amazing rider. I like how he rides, and off the track he takes the time to come and talk and hang out with the younger riders, too. I hope he wins the Nationals this season, especially riding in the 250 class.

I also like Joey Crown, he’s amazing and very talented rider. I like his style of riding and he rides for Club Mx.

MXP: Who is your hero or someone you look up to?

My hero is my Dad, Dennis Burbridge. My Dad is always there supporting me and helping me pursue my dreams and my passion for motocross. From maintaining my bike, getting it ready for my races, I’ll always be totally grateful to him for everything he does for me.

MXP: Can you tell about what accomplishments or awards you have won so far in motocross?

In 2017 and 2018, I finished 1st place in the ECAN Championship in the 7-9 65cc class. At the 2018 Walton Transcan I placed 4th in the 7-9 65cc class. I got 1st place at the Degelis AX event in the 65cc open class. Last spring, my Dad took me to Barrie, Ontario and I finished first at the Rockstar Triple Crown AX Event. I also competed at the Rockstar Triple Crown SX tour in Quebec City, and I got 2nd place.

MXP: Wow, very impressive! What do you prefer, outdoor or indoor tracks?

Well, I like both. Outdoor tracks are amazing because of the camping, and the tracks are obviously bigger. Indoor tracks are unbelievably amazing, especially with the people right there cheering you on. The lights at the main event were pretty amazing, too.

MXP: You have quite a few podiums in 2018, what are your goals for the upcoming season?

My goals for the season are to finish well in the ECAN at Deschambault, as well as go back to Walton and place well in the Grand National Championships. I am also going to be spending most of my summer next season racing the Challenge Quebec league, as well as a few Atlantic region races. I’m hoping to get to the Rockstar Triple Crown Series, too.

MXP: What is your favourite part about going to the races?

I love hanging out with my MX friends, it’s like a second family. Everyone is so supportive, and camping and just the whole experience is awesome. I just the love motocross.

What do like to do when you’re not racing?

I like to build forts in the woods, play PS4, and ride my BMX bike. I also enjoy riding my scooter, as well as riding four wheelers with my sister, Kaylee.

MXP: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today, but one last question, who would you like to thank?

Yes, thanks to my Dad for always getting me to the races and getting my bike ready. Thanks to my Mom for everything she does for me before the races.

Big, big thanks to Ian Parent and Hugo Bolduc from Cobra Moto Quebec for helping with my amazing Cobra bikes. Specials thanks to Tim Hovey at Motosports and Kyle Bramston Sign Shop in Saint John, New Brunswick, without their support I wouldn’t be racing.

Dustin Burbridge is a very passionate and hardworking young rider with big goals and dreams. The future of Canadian Motocross is definitely brighter with Dustin Burbridge at the starting gates. We are looking forward to seeing him on the track and the podium again the future.