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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

pilot mound track 2022

MXP: Hey Newf, let’s talk about Round 3 in Manitoba. You were there. We know it was hot as hell but other than that how was it?

RL: It was a really good round. Beautiful track and facility but it’s a shame that it was so windy on Saturday and 45 degrees on Sunday. The track crew did a great job I thought considering the conditions. I rode it on Saturday and wow what a fun track! Lots of passing options, really fun jumps, and great dirt for the most part. On the racing side of things, it was survival for 90% of the field so there wasn’t a ton of hard battling besides seeing Harrison coming through the field in the 250 class. Also, the second 450 moto was okay with Medaglia, Maff, Lopes, Meston, and Tanner going at it for a while. Witnessing the speed that Dylan Wright can throw down when he wants to is really fun to watch as well. I hope we go back in 2023.

MXP: While the 450 class has been a little predictable the 250 class is anything but. How good is the Piccolo, Harrison, McNabb, Cannella and whomever else battle going to be in the East?

RL: I also think we are about ready to throw Quinn Amyotte on that list as well. He was very impressive with his gutsy rides in the west. Harrison looks to have the momentum on his side right now and Piccolo is doing what I expected and being very smart. McNabb has his work cut out for him but I still believe he is the best guy. The sickness he got after Kamloops has really hurt him and my fingers are crossed that he can get back the speed and intensity he had at the opening round. Ryder is really good at the next three tracks and he proved that last year. Regardless, I think we are going to see this championship battle come down to a very small points gap come the last round. The top three riders in the series are all capable of coming from behind so even if they get a bad start I think they can charge back inside the top five. It’s going to fun to watch that’s for sure.

MXP: You’ve raced in Manitoba a few times in your career. What was your best race in the “Friendly” Province?

RL: Yes, I have raced there a decent amount going back to 1999 at Grunthal. I have always liked the tracks and in my opinion, Manitoba has some of the best tracks in Canada. My best rides came at Morden in 06/07 and I was even able to get a 4th in the mud in 2007. Which was the worst mud race I have ever done. I think I could have been on the podium that day but I landed on a downed bike while passing into third. I will always remember my last lap on that moto being over five minutes long as you could barely get around the track.


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