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I’m getting good at this being late thing… I apologize.

It’s been a hell of a week, to say the least. Our family has been battling the latest round of ‘whatever bug the boys brought home from daycare this time’ for just over a week now. If you have kids that are in daycare, you 100% understand what I mean. I’ve felt like my head is going to pop off my body for about 5 days now, and between coughing what’s left of my lungs up and feeling like I was run over by a truck, I’ve managed to get some work done in the shop. The boys are on the mend, they’re back at daycare and that’s all that matters to me.

I’m sure we’re all aware of Murphy’s Law – What can go wrong, will go wrong. Well, from about April to June, is the absolute busiest time of the year for me as it is for many on this side of the industry. Between preparing to race, myself, and building our Team Priority MX Bikes, starting to prepare the Team MX101 Yamaha’s for the Pro National series, and along with the other great riders Dialed MX Supports, the lights are on in the shop pretty early, until quite late. Which, I don’t mind, I actually prefer it that way, I thrive on busy. I tend to bite off more than I can chew, but at the end of the day, no one cares – work harder. That’s a little tagline I’ve kept tucked inside with me for many years. Again, I know there are several people that chose the same career path I did and are living in the same world right now and I salute you – See you in Kamloops.

God bless all of the moto moms out there! Photo by James Lissimore

Now, here’s where Mr. Murphy comes in. As I mentioned, my boy’s daycare is a constant cycle of snotty noses and coughs – I’m pretty sure my youngest boy, Jett, has lived more of his life with a cough or runny nose than he hasn’t. The dude was born during covid, in August so, he basically stayed at home for about a year with little to no exposure to the outside world. When he was finally mobile, it was winter so he couldn’t go outside and start eating dirt to build up that immune system. Poor kid has been behind the 8 ball from the get-go. Then, at a year old he started daycare, fast forward through the winter, and here we are. Resilient little dude though, well, he is mine. Makes sense.

scott donkersgoed family
At the end of the day Family is everything!

Back to Mr. Murphy… This time of the year the shop is packed, and I can’t afford any days off. So, I plan accordingly with the hand I’m dealt with childcare and Momma’s work schedule and get to it. Well, as that plan is in action, Murphy calls. Boys are sick, and can’t be at daycare, Dad you have to watch them while Mom is at work. Eeeeshhh, that’s not ideal, but just means I’ll have to spend a few more late nights out in the shop. Fortunately, Mom rearranged her schedule to accommodate everything for the remainder of the week, and I could get back to work. But, The ONE DAY I spent with the boys, I got sick. Took about a day to fully take over my body, and by days 2 and 3 I was laid up in bed with a 40-degree fever, shaking because I was cold, drenched because I wouldn’t stop sweating, body aches, coughing, you name it. Wasn’t the ol Vid though, we made sure of that. Phew. Eyeroll.

Through thick and thin and Covid-19, our beautiful hard-working moms have done it all. Photo by James Lissimore

So now, I’m losing days left and right, the rest of the world doesn’t stop just because I can’t see straight. That mountain in the shop isn’t shrinking, and the number of days until June 5th keeps getting smaller and smaller. The saint of a woman I decided to spend my life with, who also happens to be a Nurse, went and got me all the drugs. All of them. Not those kind… the feel better drugs, ok I guess I still need to clarify, Nyquil, Dayquil, Buckley’s, Vicks, Tylenol, Advil, plus some other weird things she has up her Nurse’s sleeve. I may need a Liver rebuild here soon from all the medicine I’ve taken in the last 5 days but we’re back in the shop and the t-handles are flying. I am hoping to make it to Auburn this weekend to race but that’s up in the air with my bobble head right now.

Quick shout out to every single Mother, Mother to be, Mother that was, or was to be, and everything in between. It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday so for the 11 people that read this, you don’t have an excuse now. But, while we’re on this topic… a few weeks back, our very own Melody Hodgson wrote an absolute heartwarming story about the wife of the man who runs AMO Racing here in Ontario, Amy Gauld, Ryan’s Wife. Applauding her for all that she does, puts up with, handles etc, after all, she does take care of 4 kids – HA! But this weekend, that applause goes out to every Mom. Much like Amy, my Wife, Lane steers the ship too, although we stopped at 2, she most definitely still takes care of 3 children. She works a full-time Nursing work schedule, organizes absolutely everything from meals, daycare, bills, groceries, cleans, cooks, and still somehow finds time and effort in there for me. It’s truly remarkable what she does and that’s just at home, when we go to the races she handles all that, plus makes sure our two little guys are having the time of their lives between yelling at her for more cheerios and trying to find their monster truck they just threw down the hill. Absolutely none of it goes unrecognized and everything is so immensely appreciated there aren’t words to describe it. There isn’t one of us out there that could do, have done, or is doing life without your love and support. This crazy world we live in, coupled with this crazy lifestyle we choose to live – racing all over the province or country, isn’t easy by any means, yet you Moms just do it. There aren’t words to describe all the things Moms are, and there’s absolutely no way to repay them for all that they do, but do your best, make her card, buy some flowers, or pick some from your neighbours yard, but at the very least, give her a call and tell her you love her. Because trust me, one day, you won’t be able to.


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