Stuttgart Photo Report

By Tyler MedagliaThe first round of the ADAC German Supercross (arenacross actually) is in the books. I wish my experience went a little better but the racing was exciting, tight and dramatic, which always ends up entertaining. I flew into Newark and had a nine hour layover during which I took a bus to NYC and walked around for three hours. When I returned to the airport, a blizzard had rolled in eventually cancelling my flight. In order to make the race I had to fly to Chicago, stay the night and fly out the next afternoon. I flew overnight into Frankfort, caught a connection to Stuttgart and landed two hours before practice on Friday morning. I quickly found out that they had lost my bag; I had absolutely nothing with me but my lap top, a pair of sox, a camera and toiletries. Once I got to the track, I found the pits, met the team and they immediately started rounding up gear.  They found me boots, knee pads (not braces) a large helmet, a team jersey and pants. My bike parts were also in my bag so I had to run what they had. It felt like they put Jimmy Button bar bend bars on the bike. I think being so overtired that I didn’t really care at that point so when I went on the track, I just said eff it and pinned it. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good on the track and had good lap times. I think the top 15 were all within a second. The 2013 Honda 450 is an amazing bike. I can’t wait to get my own. The changes they made make it feel even lighter and easier to ride yet again.

This racing is literally all about the starts. In my qualifier on Friday I had a decent start but on the second lap got caught behind two guys that crashed together. In the LCQ, I was second off the start, got taken out and almost caught back up to make it in. I literally was a meter away on the line. The second night, after getting a good sleep, I felt great on the track and had good practice times. In my qually I had the jump out of the gate, came into the first turn in second, got bumped, which somehow put my bike in neutral, and the guy behind me landed on my foot, squished it between the footpeg, and I broke a bone in my foot. Needless to say, the racing part was a bit of a nightmare but shit happens when racing in a tight area with everyone so close in speed; it will always be a risk.


Here is my steed, my Mechanic (super nice kid) and the team owner sitting in the background (who has a long pony tail and is into heavy metal music)


My teammate – P.J Larson. It was the first time I met him; pretty funny kid. He got 6th the first night but didn’t get the greatest starts the second night.



Because it was the first round, there was lots of setting up with the T.V crew doing rider profiles, team profiles, etc.


View of the track; had a couple technical spots, the dirt was the stickiest stuff I have ever ridden on. You could press your thumb in the ground and literally see your finger prints.


They use these kinds of machines to pack in the dirt along with mini steamrollers. Someone actually rolled one on the first night and got the biggest cheer of the weekend next to the guy who streaked while the freestyle was going on.


Here are the bikes of Teddy and Jeff Alessi.


Morgan Burger rode the Lites class. He said he had an off day on Friday but he rode much better on Saturday from what I saw.


Bobby K was riding a bit injured and ended up getting taken out by Vince Freise. That didn’t help his knee issue but he was riding fast as usual.


Self Explanatory


Daniel Blair said “This is for Gauldy”. He surprised me with how well he rode, solid both nights.


Kerim Fitzgerald was there. I spent some time hanging out with him. Unfortunately he was on a 350 so starts weren’t easy. He also said he’s thinking about moving to the States for good soon due to how sketchy South Africa is becoming.


Kornel Nemeth was also in the house, just watching. He said he’s not into that kind of racing. He plans on having his own team this upcoming outdoor season.


Teddy had the first night main event in the bag but got clay stuck in his rear brake pedal after a case and stalled the bike. He wasn’t able to get it re-fired. Night two he rode fast too but got a bad start in the main.


A battle between the winner of the first night, Michael Musquin and Joquim Rodrigues. Musquin struggled a bit in Montreal but rides these AXs really well. You can tell the guys who have raced these things for years.


Here is Cole Seibler. He said he rides these races better when he comes in without training. He prepared for this year and said he felt uncomfortable the whole time. He also had a pretty nasty crash with Micheal Leib.


Bobby K and Kerim Fitzgerald jumping the start straight in different lanes.


Yours truly hitting the uphill whoop section as Vince Freise jumps the finish line triple in practice.


Doing a lap attack in practice.


287 of Marcus Schiffer, part of the winning German MXoN team, admits he’s more of an outdoor specialist.


JT$ got 3rd the first night. He told me this was his 55th trip to Germany and is planning on ending his career at the last round of this series.


All the riders awaiting opening ceremonies


P.J and our track escort


Both nights the stadium was sold out. They had an awesome (and loud) show to start off the event.


That included a choreographed drum performance.


Right before the teams were introduced.


Watch out REDBULL! You might have some competition soon. I wonder if PURE COFAIN 699 will have someone jump from space?

Thanks for checkin’ it out.