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Northern Notes: Manufacturer’s Cup Begins

By Danny Brault Photos by James Lissimore (who else?!) Even though they only hold four motos on national race weekends, MX2 and MX1, there are actually many races going on within those 30 minute motos. It’s not only riders themselves battling for points, wins and bragging rights, but also the ones footing the bill and building the machines these warriors fight ...

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Sound Check with … Kaven Benoit

By Danny Brault Photos by James Lissimore Welcome to a new feature on mxpmag.com. In this first installment of ‘Sound Check,’ we check in with KTM Red Bull Royal Distributing Fox Racing’s Kaven Benoit who was on his way to buy groceries when we rang him up last night. Benoit has just returned to the Georgia Practice Facility after taking ...

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