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MXP Chatter: Ten minutes with Tony Alessi

  By Danny Brault Photos by James Lissimore I’ve been fortunate to meet some interesting characters along the way, in life, and in motocross. (And I’m sure that most people who have met me think I’m quite the instrument as well.) That’s fine; colour is better than black and white. At Sand Del Lee and Walton this summer, I had ...

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Northern Notes: Manufacturer’s Cup Begins

By Danny Brault Photos by James Lissimore (who else?!) Even though they only hold four motos on national race weekends, MX2 and MX1, there are actually many races going on within those 30 minute motos. It’s not only riders themselves battling for points, wins and bragging rights, but also the ones footing the bill and building the machines these warriors fight ...

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Inside Rockstar Motosport.com Suzuki

Dave Gowland is one of our favorites around here at MXP. A long time journey man of Canadian motocross and it is great to see his  Rockstar Motosport.com Suzuki team carrying the red plate these days. The Rockstar Motosport.com Suzuki Team has proven that not only do they have staying power but have the ability to lead one of the most hotly-contested points ...

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